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New Castrol POWER1 engine oil range launched in India, offers smoother performance and higher efficiency

Brand Feature  | Updated: June 20, 2019, 05:15 PM IST

Motorcycling is often equated with freedom! It may sound clichéd to many but only a biker understands what it means. Cruising down the highway on the motorcycle, with the backdrop of a beautiful horizon and the soothing soundtrack of a smooth engine is a setting that often rids the rider of any negative thoughts and takes their mind away from the worldly woes. In today's world, the feeling of cutting off from the daily routine and enjoying your own time with your prized possession is nothing short of freedom.

But the world of motorcycling can be this dreamy only when you understand the reality and accept it. When you are inside that helmet, the motorcycle is your best companion for the ride. And like any companionship, its fruitfulness is defined by how happy, stress-free and involving your companion is. Motorcycles are inherently designed to be all of that, but they can continue being a great companion only if you show them the proper love and care.

While the mechanical components of the motorcycle need a periodic check, the engine is often the most stressed - more so in our conditions. The heat and the dust get to it and in the long run, the stress can pile up and lead to problems like laggy behaviour, gruff engine noises, rough performance and unhealthy power delivery. If not attended in time, these could also lead to permanent damage to the engine. But prevention is always better than cure and keeping the engine healthy only ensures a healthier and longer bonding between the rider and the motorcycle. One of the key components that help in keeping the engine running stress-free is the oil that runs through its veins.

The right oil helps the engine keep its cool even when the temperatures are soaring high. The sun may not always shine bright when touring - tick a ride to the Himalayas off your bucket list and you will know how cold things can get. Here too, the engine oil plays an important role in ensuring the optimum temperature for the engine to start and operate safely. Even when you aren't touring, the daily grind of the urban commutes, the traffic jams and the constant use of the clutch, can put a lot of stress on the engine - and therefore an engine oil that is tailor-made to suit varying temperatures, engine capacities and riding styles, is essential for easing the engine off its stress.

The Castrol POWER1 range claims to be one of best engine oils out there and ticks all the right boxes. Castrol's sophisticated research and development techniques have led to advanced technologies that empower the Castrol POWER1 engine oil for a higher endurance than conventional mineral oils. Castrol claims that this premium quality of CRUISE engine oil has been tested over 13,000km and offers 14 per cent better resistance to oxidation* and a 5 per cent more power delivery** than some of its key competitors in the country. With a better resistance to oxidation, the premium oil also ensures easy engine start-up in cold weather conditions. It's ability to take a beating across various temperatures, withstand it and yet ensure optimum performance, makes the Castrol POWER1 and Castrol POWER1 CRUISE oil a perfect companion for all kinds of two-wheelers. Its variant, the Castrol POWER1 CRUISE goes further with these abilities and optimizes them for large-displacement engines that are typically found in cruisers or touring machines that are designed for long distance riding!

All of this ensures that the riding experience is better overall. The acceleration seems brisk, the power comes in smoothly and you have better control over the bike's movements. The Castrol POWER1 CRUISE complies with API SN and JASO MA2 standards, which assures its safety and reliability for your prized possession.

The Castrol POWER1 range matches a variety of motorcycles with its wide range viz. 10W30, 15W40, 15W50 and a newly developed 20W50 formula. Castrol POWER1 also have a Fully Synthetic RACING range available in a 10W-40 & 10W-50 viscosity. The 15W50 and 20W50 formulations of the Castrol POWER1 CRUISE are specifically designed for new-generation four-stroke engines and work equally well for carburetor and fuel-injection configurations. The 15W50 grade of the POWER1 CRUISE is highly recommended for new-generation touring machines such as Royal Enfield and Bajaj, which demand an engine oil with high endurance to long distance riding and various climatic conditions.

Like the entire range of lubricants from Castrol, the Castrol POWER1 range of engine oils too is easy to access. They are available at every reputed lubricant reseller and are also available online on the Amazon India marketplace. The Castrol POWER1 CRUISE 15W50 is available in a 2.5l pack and is priced at Rs 999. The new Castrol POWER1 CRUISE 20W50 is available in a 1l pack priced at Rs 434, and a 1.2l pack priced at Rs 512.

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