2024 Range Rover Evoque review, road test - spruced up

Tuhin Guha Updated: March 08, 2024, 02:56 PM IST

Like the Velar, it's not that easy to box the Range Rover Evoque into a particular segment. But it's quite clear that few SUVs pack as much presence and class in as small a footprint as the Range Rover Evoque. It's seen a bit of an update so how much of this thought continues unchanged?

2024 Range Rover Evoque styling

The Evoque now gets the same minor but impactful updates that Land Rover has been putting the older Range Rover models through over the last few months. So you now get pixel LED lighting with some sharp details and the grille is now done up in a rectangular pattern to mimic the full-size Range Rovers.

This Evoque has been around a while but has never stopped being contemporary with its clean lines and simple surfaces. These changes just sharpen up this sense, fitting in cohesively. There are now some copper accents on the quite aggressive bumpers and on the bonnet that help this sense.

As before, the Evoque still draws attention with its svelte profile. The taut glass area with the converging bodywork is now notably enhanced by the contrast roof and these new 19-inch wheels with the red callipers. The rear continues with this crisper look with the more reductive, soft LED lighting.

The shape may not make this apparent but the Evoque has a sizeable boot with a functional shape and low load lip. In keeping with the functionality that a Range Rover always should have, there's a good 212mm of ground clearance

2024 Range Rover Evoque interiors, space, practicality

The interiors of the Range Rover Evoque follow the theme set by its larger siblings. So you have a minimalistic space, mimicking the flat surfaces and simple shapes of the outside. Staying with this is the thoughtful use of materials and finishes, which manages to stand out even in this largely black cabin. You notice this with the dark chrome around the discreet vents, the soft surfaces on the dash and doors as well as the cold textured aluminium on the centre console.

Speaking of the centre console, this is also where you'll find the starkest change in the Evoque. You have the new shifter but all other buttons have been done away with. You now control everything via the 11.3-inch touchscreen. Now this screen does have an intuitive interface and sharp responses, but the sheer functions that are packed in here make for a slightly difficult experience. Simple functions like changing the drive mode or adjusting temperature take more than a few taps, making life harder still on the move.

The 12.3-inch driver's display, on the other hand, is now much more useful. It's got better resolution and it's easier to access functions. Further, it'll also project Google Maps from your phone pairing here which is a great help usually. Complementing this is the new Range Rover steering wheel with easier-to-use buttons.

The Evoque is also fairly practical. The cupholder and wireless charger, usually neatly hidden away, are well placed. There's also good storage in the doors and centre console. That said, the climate control could have been better optimized for our hot weather, especially with the light sunshade for the glass roof. There's a great sense of quality, but fitment levels are still slightly below German rivals.

Despite its prim shape, the Evoque also carves out a good deal of space in the rear seat. Like other SUVs its size, this Land Rover is best as a four-seater. You have good legroom and comfortable seats, although your feet don't go under the front seats. But the bench has supportive cushioning and a good recline angle. Thigh support is also enough to keep you comfortable, although the sloping roof and smaller windows might affect 6-footers. We also would have liked a separate climate zone here.

2024 Range Rover Evoque features, safety

Given that the Range Rover brand commands a premium over its German rivals, the Evoque sweetens the deal with a good list of features. You have auto headlamps, Meridian audio, heated and ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, dual-zone climate control, PM2.5 air filter and wireless Android Auto/Apple Carplay.

But it's the functional additions that arguably make you feel more special. You have one of the best 360-degree camera set-ups around, a rearview monitor, front and rear washers and a full AWD system with hill-descent control as well as the Terrain Response System.

Safety is reasonable too but we would have liked ADAS functions given the pricing.

2024 Range Rover Evouque driving impressions

Driving the Evoque, you have a good degree of the raised SUV seating feel. You don't tower over the road like a full-sized Range Rover but it's a nice balance between this and a more cocooned feeling that you find in SUVs this size. That said, the steering wheel seems to jut out a bit more than needed and while the front seats are wide and have a comfortable seatback, there could have been some extendable bolsters included for more thigh support.

But past this, the Evoque does a convincing job of recreating the Range Rover experience. It's especially quiet to begin with, aside from the engine being a bit grumbly sometimes in traffic. This is paired with a fluid and serene driving experience. The 2.0-litre diesel in this D200 version makes 204PS and 430 Nm, paired with a nine-speed automatic.

What catches attention most is the wide, usable powerband, helped by the fairly intuitive gearbox. Yes, you sometimes feel caught out by the gearbox's hesitancy but sticking it to the S mode sorts that out largely. But past this, the Evoque always seems to have a good chunk of torque at its disposal. So it doesn't feel lethargic in traffic, and it seems to pull right up to 4,000 rpm so faster driving is low effort too.

There's no big step up in power, but a smooth growing rush that becomes predictable soon enough. You have drive modes that alter responses and damping to a certain degree so the Evoque does well to offer a sharper experience, although German rivals go a bit further in this regard.

Also as it should be in a Range Rover, the Evoque feels comfortable at most times. Aside from a slight firm edge over potholes and smaller imperfections, there's that soft supple edge to the ride that you expect from a Range Rover. This gets better the faster you go, lending a soothing feel to the entire experience. It's commendable, considering the 19-inch wheels on this example.

Of course, this does mean that the Evoque is not as sharp as some rivals around bends. The all-season tyres play some part in this but you do notice a slight sense of skittishness around higher-speed corners. But this shouldn't be a problem for most and the Sport mode tones this down a touch. In any case, the steering feels direct in most situations adding to a sense of grip although the Evoque could have felt steadier on our bumpy highways.

But what stays with you is the sheer toughness of this prim-looking family SUV. It has that solid, safe feeling that you get from more serious off-roading machinery and that lends a confident edge to the driving experience. This especially helps over broken roads where you can be a bit more liberal with this Range Rover.

2024 Range Rover Evoque price, verdict

Priced at Rs 80.79 lakh for this D200 variant, the Range Rover Evoque, asks for a notable premium over its rivals. But you see value in this with the Range Rover badge and the striking looks that come with it. The comforting driving experience and the long features list help too. But we would have also liked better safety functions and some of the rough edges in the interface, driving position and high-speed stability ironed out.

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