Yamaha M-SLAZ, based on the Yamaha YZF-R15 debuts, headed for Thailand

Team OD Updated: December 03, 2015, 10:51 AM IST

Yamaha Japan has sent out the first images of the new M-SLAZ that it intends to sell in the Thai market. The Yamaha M-SLAZ, think of it as the MT-15 if you like, is a naked street bike based on the YZF-R15 platform.

Yamaha M-SLAZ (1)

The concept it is based on is. . . wait for it. . . "Just Size Ultimate Fashion Extreme." Which is why when we first saw it, we thought, "Just Yamaha Bring India Bike This Amazing Tomorrow."

Yamaha M-SLAZ (2)

Visually, two things stand out. First is the gold upside down front fork that is perhaps the big chassis change for the platform. In fact, we would go so far as to assume that the YZF-R15 Version 3, rumoured to be in the works, will probably gain these as well.

Second is that sharp and pointy design including the bold tank extensions that strongly remind one of the current KTM Duke tanks. Behind that is a sharp, simple tail section featuring a stepped seat, a hugger and a rear fender that looks ready to be removed.

Yamaha M-SLAZ (3)

New wheels and a sharp front fairing wearing an MT-style small LED headlamp round out an aggressive looking package that we cannot wait to sample.

Yamaha plan to introduce the M-SLAZ in Thailand this month and intend to sell 48,000 units in the first year in that market. India plans are currently unknown.

As are the engine specs. But watch out for news on the M-SLAZ/MT-15 closely. It should, our guess, portend the changes that will come to the YZF-R15 version 3 when it debuts, probably next year.

As you know, Yamaha recently brought back the lovely first generation R15 as the R15 S and received an immediate uptick in R15 sales. The R15 v2 was not as well-balanced a motorcycle as the first one in our opinion and the first generation was also a vastly more versatile motorcycle.

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Yamaha Motor to Release M-SLAZ in Thailand - Dynamic New 150cc Sports Featuring Inverted Front Fork -

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. - Dec 02, 2015 02:00 GMT IWATA, December 2, 2015 -Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Tokyo: 7272) announced today that the new 150cc sports model, the M-SLAZ - a motorcycle that fits with global trends by featuring its extreme sports feel design balanced in harmony with around-town practicality - is scheduled to be on sale in the Thai market from December 2015. Manufacture and sales of this new edition are to be carried out by the Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. The M-SLAZ was developed based on the concept of "Just Size Ultimate Fashion Street Extreme".The engine and chassis have been developed off the platform of the sports model YZF-R15 which has won popularity in the Asia region to provide new dynamic styling concentrated around power as well as superior maneuvering agility. The main features of the M-SLAZ are: 1) High-rigidity inverted front suspension that achieves a superior riding performance, 2) Enjoy a sense of oneness with the bike's fun-focused upright riding position for urban use, 3) External design based on a "Street Extreme" image, 4) A LED headlight with an advanced and minimalist presence and much more. The popularity of sports models has continued to increase in the ASEAN region in recent times, with the Company introducing the YZF-R15, YZF-R3, and MT-03 one after another expanding its lineup. While the M-SLAZ incorporates a sports-model style, it is a motorcycle that aims for an easy-riding experience for beginners, as well as being a model targeted for sales expansion to young riders who yearn for a sports bike. Model Launch Date RRP First Year Target Sales M-SLAZ December 2015 Open price 48,000 Units (one year from release, within Thailand)

Price (Ex-Delhi)
Starts Rs 20,39,233
Max Power(ps)
Max Torque(Nm)

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