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X1 Racing League announces virtual racing programme called X1 eSport League

Team OD  | Updated: February 25, 2019, 08:07 PM IST

The X1 Racing League, a franchise-based motorsport league, founded by Indian racers Armaan Ebrahim and Aditya Patel, has announced a virtual racing programme, called the X1 eSports League. This new virtual racing programme will allow aspiring racers from across the country to compete in simulators. At the end of the competition, the top five drivers will get a chance to test the X1 Racing League race car, and stand to win the chance to be part of one of the X1 Racing League teams, thereby beginning their motorsport career.

The X1 eSports League's virtual racing competition will be held in eight cities across the country, in colleges and malls. Registrations for these virtual races will begin online and offline one week prior to the competitions. All individuals above the age of 15 years will be eligible to apply. Registrations will be held on a first-come first-serve basis, with more details about how to register being announced on the X1 Racing League's official website and social media channels.

Individuals will compete in eSports racing simulators over the span of seven days in each of the eight cities. Fifty people will be selected from each city - based on their lap times - to compete in the finals. And five people with the best times will be selected from the finals. These five potential racers will receive personal training from Armaan Ebrahim and Aditya Patel, the league's founders.

Speaking of the launch of the X1 eSports League, Ebrahim said, "E-sports is certainly getting bigger and bigger, and has become the go to hunting ground for young and aspiring race drivers. There is a huge potential untapped in our country when it comes to e-sports racing or even real track racing. With the inception of our India centric esports competition, X1 Esports we are moving a step towards filling that void."

Meanwhile Patel said, "With the onset of X1 Esports in India we are no just aiming to give recognition to the esports culture and e-racers/gamers, but we also try to bring out the best of the talents and train them to represent India in real racing on world level."

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