Video worth watching: Raid de Himalaya 2017 trailer

Team OD Updated: October 06, 2017, 10:18 PM IST

Who are these people that do not stop to have a look at the most beautiful scenery in the world? They are participants of the Raid de Himalaya. This video is all about the grit that it takes to make it to this stage and shine, despite the odds. These are some tough humans, riding and driving the treacherous terrain of the Himalayas with punctured tyres for a dozen kilometres. Their approaches, skill sets, number of wheels may differ, but the attraction to the Raid is what brings them to this desolate track each year.

This week's video worth watching is the trailer for the 19th Raid de Himalaya, which began this weekend. The sheer mettle that is required to complete this race, and what happens when you are unable to complete all the stages is the theme of the video. You can see some participants weeping, disappointed, yet determined to come back and finish what they started.
Here's the video:


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