Vauxhall reveals details of Astra VXR Extreme ahead of Geneva unveil

Team OD Published: March 03, 2014, 01:25 PM IST

Vauxhall will unveil its most powerful car yet the Astra VXR Extreme at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. The Extreme hot  hatch is derived from the Opel Astra OPC, the Astra Cup race car which competed in the 2013 Nurburgring Endurance Championship, and uses a version of the 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine in the current Astra VXR.

This more powerful sibling of the Astra VXR has shed weight by following the same dietary ingredient as most Europeans seem to be following these days - carbon fibre.  In fact, the carbon fibre construction helped the Extreme shed 100kg from the current Astra VXR. The diffuser, front spoiler, bonnet, rear wing, wheels, roof and many other components have been made from the ultra light, high strength carbon fibre material.The carbon fibre has significantly improved handling, power-to-weight ratio and performance of the car.

Vauxhall Astra VXR ExtremeVauxhall Astra VXR Extreme

While exact power figures have not yet been disclosed, Vauxhall says the Extreme makes more than 300PS of power as against the 276PS by the current Astra VXR. The power is sent to the wheels by a six-speed manual and can be controlled by a limited slip differential.

The car rides on specially developed 19-inch tyres and has Brembo six piston brake system biting on 370mm diameter discs at the front.  A feature lifted straight off racing cars is the adjustable dampers which you can change to suit your driving style.


Interiors get Recaro bucket seats, safety roll bar, six-point safety belt and a suede leather covered steering wheel with yellow decorative stitching.

Gauging from the demand that the current generation car garners, Vauxhall may even put the hot hatch in production.


Luton – With over 300PS generated from its 2.0-litre turbo engine, the Astra VXR EXTREME will be the most powerful front-wheel drive Vauxhall ever when it's unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next month. Derived from last year's Astra Cup race car that competed in the Nürburgring Endurance Championship, the EXTREME is the lighter, more powerful street-legal race sibling to the current Astra VXR. Shorn of 100kg, thanks to liberal use of high-quality carbon components, the EXTREME's natural environment will be the race track. If public reaction is as positive as expected, Vauxhall plans a low-volume production run for the EXTREME. With direct injection and variable camshaft phasing, the EXTREME's 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine is the most powerful four-cylinder unit Vauxhall has ever produced. The all-aluminium engine is mated to six-speed manual gearbox transmitting power through a limited-slip differential. The EXTREME is 100kg lighter than a standard Astra VXR thanks to its high-quality, carbon fibre components. This high-strength, ultra-light material is used for the aerodynamically-optimised rear wing, the diffuser, front spoiler, bonnet, suspension cross-bracing, engine cover, wheels, rear wheelhouse ventilation and roof. Noticeably lowering the EXTREME's centre of gravity is the in-house manufactured carbon fibre roof which weighs just 2.6kg, compared with a steel roof's 9.3kg. The wings are made of aluminium and weigh only 800g a piece instead of 2.2kg in steel. Weight reduction in key areas greatly improves agility, overall handling and the car's power-to-weight ratio. Vauxhall has also given the EXTREME exceptional stopping power to match, with a Brembo six-piston brake system including 370mm diameter discs up front race car. Ultra high-performance, 245/35, 19-inch tyres, specially developed for the EXTREME, also play a key role and give almost as much grip as those on the race car. In addition, the damper is adjustable, just like in a real touring car racer. Inside the EXTREME, the back seats have been taken out and a safety roll bar put in their place. EXTREME also gets Recaro bucket seats, with six-point safety belts from Schroth and a carbon-fibre-reinforced, suede-covered steering wheel with fine yellow decorative stitching. The Astra VXR is now the best-selling VXR and the UK remains the largest market in Europe for Vauxhall and Opel's highest powered models.


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