Mercedes-Benz launches one-of-its-kind customer services initiative 'Fast Lane Body & Paint repair' for specified accidental repairs within three days

Published: January 24, 2020, 11:52 AM IST

India's largest luxury carmaker, Mercedes-Benz today launched one-of-its kind innovative service program 'Fast Lane Body & Paint repair'. This customer-centric service initiative aims to enhance the overall ownership experience, thus making experience as a key differentiator in the luxury car segment. With 'Fast Lane Body & Paint repair', customers can get specified accident repairs jobs done within 3 days. This is achieved through use of efficient processes, minimizing downtimes and using faster drying components, with zero compromise on the quality of repairs. Customers can, therefore, get their damage repaired quicker, which will further allow the cars to get back on road quickly, improving mobility and reducing hassle caused to customers. Additionally, customers can avail the service for insurance repair jobs.

Shekhar Bhide, Vice President, Customer Services and Corporate Affairs, Mercedes-Benz India commented, "As the leaders in luxury car segment it is incumbent upon us to expand the luxury car market. Customer services is a key element in our growth strategy in India. We at Mercedes-Benz are restless to move the yardstick of service excellence for luxury automotive segment in India. The launch of 'Fast Lane Body & Paint repair' is a step in this direction. The turnaround time especially during accident is one of the highest and can be stressful. With quick and efficient service, we want to be able to support our customers during such times. We are confident this initiative will further help us build on the trust we have acquired from our customers over the decades."

Mr. Sanjay Thakker, Group Chairman, Benchmark Cars, said, "We are glad to flag-off this one-of-a-kind initiative. Customer Services is the key differentiator, especially in the luxury car segment. We want to ensure that our customers get the best experience for the faith they have shown in the brand. Such initiatives help with the expectations customers have with the brand and further add to their confidence."

This service is now available in Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Pune and soon to be rolled out across 7 more cities in 2020.

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