KOMAKI Launches 3 High-Speed electric scooters and bikes

Published: January 28, 2021, 07:47 PM IST

Komaki, India's leading electric vehicle manufacturer, is set to revolutionize the Indian electric two-wheeler industry with its January launch. Having delivered 9 amazing low-speed models, Komaki has now forayed into the high-speed segment with 3 new models – the Komaki TN95Komaki M5 and Komaki SE. This makes Komaki the only organisation in the market with 3 high-speed models registered.

The Komaki TN95 is India's biggest scooter and is designed to be perfect for an Indian family. This heavy beast navigates Indian roads effortlessly and comes with an additional storage box mounted on the rear. An inclusive metallic guard around the body and footrests on both sides ensure that your scooter is safe and comfortable.

The detachable Li-ion battery holds a massive charge that can take you as far as 100-150 km in one go. A coloured display, futuristic & intelligent features such as the park & reverse assist, onboard cruise control, the self-diagnosis switch, and the ingenious regenerative braking make the Komaki TN95 the most advanced scooter in the market.

The Komaki SE which was recently released is now available to all in the Indian market. Designed to appeal across all age groups, this scooter comes in 4 vibrant colours – solid blue, metallic gold, jet black and garnet red.

This scooter is also equipped with smart features such as parking & reverse assist, cruise control, self-diagnosis, and a full colour display. Mounted with dual disc brakes, this sporty scooter is designed to deliver a long-range of 100-120 km performance in a single charge. It is set to disrupt the two-wheeler industry with its intelligent features and attractive design.

The Komaki M5, the first of its kind, is a powerful bike that has been creating quite a buzz since it was announced. As with all models, a detachable Li-ion battery facilitates easy charging and packs a punch of 100-120 km in single charge.

Available in gold and silver colours, this beast looks ready to conquer the roads. A youth friendly bike, this handsome machine is about to set the bar really high for two-wheeler manufacturers in the market.

With these 3 new high-powered models, Komaki is in the game to deliver excellence, robust build, and futuristic designs for all consumers. Our dream of making India clean and green is now one step closer to fulfilment.

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