Ais Dark Green Uv Cut Glass: A Unique Offering To Indian Automotive Sector

Published: October 30, 2019, 12:00 PM IST

AIS introduced a unique solution for the Indian market called "Dark Green UV Cut Glass" in Maruti Baleno cars.AIS introduced a unique solution for the Indian market called "Dark Green UV Cut Glass" in Maruti Baleno cars.

AIS had worked extensively with experts in Japan to develop this unique offering focusing predominantly towards the automotive sector. The innovative technology can reduce the thermal load inside the cabin and eliminate the UV radiation by more than 80%.

Since its launch, the response for "Dark Green UV Cut Glass" (both from OEM and aftermarket segment) are phenomenon. The new technology product of AIS has been in deep engagement with new stake-holders at its customers on the perceived benefits of DGG UV cut glass with respect to human comfort, vehicle aesthetics and possible impact on improvement in vehicle's fuel Efficiency. This product is revolutionary as it perfectly complies with the Indian regulation for light transmission of 50% for sidelites and also provides a lifetime solution for tinted glass which is banned by the Supreme Court of India.

OEMs have expressed deeper interest on the product and are collaborating with AIS to establish the impact of perceived benefits through an external agency. To grow "Dark Green UV Cut Glass" further in market AIS are planning to conduct joint trials with the OEMs to reinforce the effectiveness of this new offering before it can be introduced on a larger scale in the Indian market.

Advantages: Dark Green UV Cut Glass

a) Protects skin from harmful UV rays

b) Reduces load on compressor

c) Enhances life of car interiors

d) It is the best alternative against tinted films which are already banned for use by honorable Supreme Court in India.

e) Can lead to improvement in Fuel Efficiency/ Reduce CO2 Emission

f) It meets Central Motor Vehicle Regulation Light Transmission >50%

AIS joint trials with HVAC supplier are expected to happen shortly. This will lead other models to adapt Dark Green UV Cut Glass technology, due to which its growth is expected to have a high rise in Indian Market.

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