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Praga launches online sim karting championship with real-world R1T Evo test for winner

Team OD  | Updated: June 16, 2020, 11:31 PM IST

By the time you're reading this, a few Praga Sim Racing events will already have concluded, including the latest one held at Autodrome Lago Maggiore - the 'fantasy' circuit from Gran Turismo Sport. But do not despair, for more of these virtual karting races are on the cards. Praga, who make some of the best racing go-karts in the world, and also make the R1 racing car, have joined hands with 27Racers (a new sim racing club) in order to popularise karting in the world of eSports.

Each race in this new series - one will be held each week - will take place at a new circuit. Drivers will be allowed to personalise their karts too, using the livery application. And the championship is aimed at absolutely everyone, with all levels of experience. A press release issued by Praga stated, "Praga and 27Racers' sim racing campaign aims to be as inclusive, friendly and accessible as possible to all levels of experience, reflecting the fact that go-karts cover a multitude of sporting and recreational uses. Whether that is the first step to motor racing for most drivers, an established global racing phenomenon for enthusiasts to race semi-professionally, and, for the less serious, a recreational hobby...or stag-do staple."

When the series concludes at the end of the summer, one lucky driver will be invited to test the lightweight, high-downforce Praga R1 in real life. As far as virtual to real-world transitions go, it doesn't get much better than this.

"As with most motorsport this season, our plans to go racing with the R1 had to move online during lockdown. But, with go-kart production at the heart of Praga's business, we also spotted an opportunity to enter the world of sim racing with karting challenges," said Mark Harrison, Head Of Commercial Operations at Praga Cars.

Meanwhile, Nick Trott, co-founder of 27Racers said, "A number of games feature go-karts, but for some reason the racing doesn't get the attention it deserves. We've decided to change that, with the support of Praga, and aim to bring a sim racing community together around karting across as many games, consoles and PC-based events as possible. The racing is truly spectacular, and if the first event was anything to go by we have some really incredible drivers out there who will no doubt be even more motivated now the prize to experience an R1 is on offer."

To receive updates on upcoming race in the series, sign up at and opt-in to 'Praga'.

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