Plastics company, OK Play, announces plans of developing e-rickshaws in India

Team OD Updated: December 10, 2015, 07:06 PM IST

OK Play, a rotational moulding company, has just announced its intention of entering the highly competitive automotive sector in India - but with the greener e-rickshaw. The potential market for this vehicle is estimated at a whopping Rs 50,000 crore, according to OK Play.

Rotational moulding is a plastic processing method in which charge shot into hollow moulds is subjected to high temperatures, low pressure and slow, angular rotation on two axes to produce hollow, one-piece parts. The process is widely used for producing shells for storage tanks, helmets, boats. OK Play, which primarily uses this tech to manufacture toys in the Indian market, has big plans of applying it towards developing body shells for these zero-emission three-wheelers.

Rajan Handa, managing director, OK Play India Limited said, "The next generation OK Play e-rickshaws will be India's first 100 per cent indigenously designed and developed, zero emission green e-rickshaws to be manufactured in India." He further stated that the lightweight, maintenance free nature of the finished product along with the flexibility in design that plastic moulding allows, should make the process ideal for the purpose of developing safe body shells for this vehicle.

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The announcement seems like good news under the current circumstances in India where traffic congestion and the quality of air are a major concern. But in the past, the Government has faced a lot of resistance in its effort to introduce the e-rick as a popular mode of conveyance. Despite the Environment and Transport Departments of the Government of Delhi considering a 15 per cent subsidy on the price of e-rickshaws and other battery operated vehicles, problems with certification and registration of these vehicles was a major hurdle.

OVERDRIVE's Bob Rupani has also analysed the other problems that could be associated with the introduction of the e-rick in India - these are issues concerning lack of legislation on electric motor-powered vehicles. You can read more about it here. Another impediment is the consumption of resources used to manufacture such technology in India which could null the greener benefits of these vehicles.

E-rickshaws have successfully merged into the urban landscape in other parts of the world, including China and the Philippines.

OK Play announces big foray into Automobile Industry with Green E- Rickshaws .To tap Rs. 50000 crore potential of E-Rickshaws

To launch India's first 100% indigenously designed, developed and manufactured, zero emission Green E-Rickshaws New Delhi: OK Play India Ltd, pioneers in the field of Roto-Moulded plastics, has announced its big foray into the Automobile Industry with the next generation, environment-friendly, zero pollution Green E-Rickshaws. Talking on the USP's of the OK Play E-Rickshaws, Mr. Rajan Handa, Managing Director, OK Play India Limited said, "The next generation OK Play E-Rickshaws will be India's first 100% indigenously designed and developed, zero emission Green E-Rickshaws to be manufactured in India. "The bodies of these E-Rickshaws, made by the most advanced roto moulding technology, have a multitude of advantages over the conventional steel bodies. Apart from being lightweight they are maintenance free and can be moulded in a wide range of light fast permanent colours. The inherent quality of the plastic ensures high standard of hygiene and the mouldable design makes the E Rickshaw extremely safe and comfortable. The OK Play E Rickshaw has over 90% Indian components unlike the other alternatives employing almost 95% Chinese components", Mr. Handa added. Elaborating on why OK Play chose E-Rickshaws as a segment to make a big foray in Automobile Industry, Mr. Rajan Handa, Managing Director, OK Play India Limited, said, "The transition was natural as for over 2 decades now, OK Play India ltd. has been ingeniously using the Roto- Moulded plastics process and has the expertise to create world class, environment friendly………..products that excel in both safety and quality. Hence, the decision to choose E-Rickshaws to foray into automobile industry by launching next generation, first ever 100% Made In India, zero pollution, most safe, Green E-Rickshaws for intra-city transport. The OK Play E-Rickshaws shall transform the lives of the Rickshaw drivers providing them with a most safe and an affordable alternative. It is also our contribution towards creating a pollution-free world, said Mr. Handa About Ok Play India Ltd. ü OK Play India limited has been involved in the field of rotational molding since 1990. ü It has been developing products for the automotive sector since 2003. ü Understanding the potential of the technology, the company entered into a three year technical knowhow agreement with Solar Plastics Inc., a leading roto moulding US company. ü It has entered into a joint development program with M/S EMITEC of Germany for development of the next generation SCR SYSTEMS. ü The company has in house facilities for Design, Development and Production of the high technology rotationally moulded products.

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