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Now zip past tolls with the help of the FAStag app in India

Team OD  | Updated: August 18, 2017, 11:42 AM IST

If you drive frequently, you would have noticed how easy it is to zip past a toll booth if you have a FASTAG with you. However, to recharge the same, you need to go to the toll booth counter. Not anymore! The Government of India has now launched two apps - my FASTAG and FASTag partner. Both these apps are available for download on iOS and Android. Through these apps, customers can now buy the FASTag and recharge through it. The app will keep a record of the transactions done and also have a separate portal for addressing grievances. They will also convert the RFID tags on new cars manufactured after 2013 to ETC.

Image used for representation purposeImage used for representation purpose

Those wanting to avail of FASTag can also do it through issuer banks or NHAI websites. These FASTags will then be delivered to the customer via courier. Not only this, from October 1, 2017,  all 371 toll lanes will be equipped with the FASTag while a dedicated lane will become functional from September 1 this year. These dedicated lanes will not accept any other sort of payment apart from FASTag. Other lanes though FASTag-enabled will still accept other forms of payment.


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