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NNG develops low cost navigation systems for India

Team OD  | Updated: June 11, 2014, 01:50 PM IST

NNG, along with ANS has developed a low-cost navigation for the automotive industry. For cost sensitive markets like India, this is a smart solution. The way this works is - instead of different firms coming up with applications for various platforms, the navigation solution providers have made something that can run on a wide range of hardware and software. NNG also claim that their content covers more than any other single source with a span extending to 186 countries.


More importantly NNG plan to adapt the systems to local search mechanisms, languages and content while maintaining a global back-bone. The software can be updated from their website regularly.

Currently their iGo Navigation Engine runs on almost all operating systems including QNX, iOS, Linux and Android. They also plan to enter the automobile industry with the multimedia head-unit manufacturers and OEMs. NNG feel that this might help the manufacturers reduce the number of providers they need to meet their needs for various countries.

NNG did their first global project in 2013 and are already present in various countries across the globe. We hope that this low-cost navigation solution makes the sat-nav a standard feature among all cars.

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