Nissan previews Hyper Punk concept ahead of 25 Oct public debut

Gajanan Kashikar Published: October 19, 2023, 04:27 PM IST

Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. has unveiled its fourth concept, the Hyper Punk, which is set to make its first public appearance at the Japan Mobility Show on October 25, 2023. The automaker will showcase four EV concepts at this event: the Nissan Hyper Urban, Nissan Hyper Adventure, Nissan Hyper Tourer, and Nissan Hyper Punk. These concept vehicles will also be featured in the popular online game Fortnite under the name "Electrify the World."

Nissan Hyper Punk Concept: Design

The Nissan Hyper Punk is a radically designed all-electric compact crossover designed for content creators, influencers, and artists. It boasts a unique silver paint job that changes shades based on the viewing angle and lighting conditions. The vehicle is adorned with sharp cuts and creases throughout its body, as well as 23-inch wheels, closed-off panels, and illuminated triangles. Polygonal shapes are a key design element, featured in the headlights, taillamps, and rear signature elements that seamlessly integrate into the body surface. Additionally, the Hyper Punk incorporates a V2X system, allowing it to charge various electronic appliances and gadgets.

Nissan Hyper Punk Concept: Interior

Inside the Hyper Punk, you'll find an origami-inspired cabin that blends Japanese digital and artistic elements. Onboard cameras capture the surroundings and use artificial intelligence (AI) to transform them into manga-style scenery or graphic patterns, according to the owner's preference. These images are then projected onto a three-display setup.

Further, the interior is designed as a mobile creative studio, offering internet connectivity and the ability to link passengers' devices. The Hyper Punk concept employs AI and headrest biosensors to detect the driver's mood, automatically selecting music and lighting to match.

Nissan Hyper Punk Concept: Powertrain

Details about the battery pack, electric motor, range, charging capacity, and power output are not currently available. We expect Nissan will provide more detailed specifications soon.

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