Meet the JCBL Signature RV that is a literal home on wheels

Kenneth John Published: November 01, 2023, 10:30 AM IST

The JCBL RV brand has been introduced by the JCBL Group, a prominent corporate group with a three-decade record in the mobility solutions market in India. Meet the Signature RV, the epitome of luxury on wheels, built on a bus chassis intended for durability, comfort, and sheer size.

The Signature RV  motorhome features one king-sized, one queen-sized, and one single bed, a kitchen, pantry, washroom, and spacious living space with loungers and a high-end entertainment system. This beautiful area has enough storage and is powered by a separate onboard generator. There are also seats for a travel concierge and/or a chef.

Additional features include a 42-inch TV, vinyl flooring, a refrigerator, a microwave, shower and a toilet vestibule, wi-fi connectivity, a washing machine and an iron with an ironing board

The expanding body provides more space for socializing and engaging. It embodies the "no-compromise" lifestyle, providing unrivalled luxury and comfort. It is worth emphasizing that this opulent expanse on wheels is 80 percent adjustable, allowing the buyer to tailor it to their affluent lifestyle and individual tastes.

This project is motivated by Rajinder Agarwal's extensive knowledge and unwavering desire to improve people's travel experiences. His objective is to launch the JCBL Group's first Business-to-Consumer (B2C) service, nurturing a new RV culture and lifestyle in India.

The arrival of the new Signature RV model is set to change the way families holiday. What was once thought to be a foreign choice will soon be available right in your own neighbourhood. As more states across the country recognize the changing mindsets of travellers and work to build trails and infrastructure to support this innovative mode of travel and vacationing, RV culture will become a prevalent and cherished aspect of our country's travel landscape.

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