2016 Auto Expo: New colour schemes, touring and anodised accessories for the Mojo

Shubhabrata Marmar Updated: February 05, 2016, 02:22 PM IST

Mahindra doesn't have any new motorcycles on its stand - except for the new MGP3O - but it does have 5 Mojo's on display. The most important ones in terms of bikes and bits you can buy are the three Mojos showing new colours and some new accessory lines that are coming to Mahindra Two-Wheelers showrooms soon.

New Colours

Mahindra Mojo Custome (10)

The three new colours schemes on display include a two-tone white and orange which is the motorcycle showing off the new touring accessory line. The all-orange motorcycle is the second Mahindra Mojo and the matte red one - which looks great - is the final new hue Mahindra is showing. Expect these to join the current White, black and Mahindra Racing colourways available right now.

An interesting highlight on all three is that the ribs are now painted in black which makes their presence more subtle. This is a good thing to our eyes. You might remember that Mahindra also has black ribs on the Mahindra Racing colourway.

Touring accessories

Mahindra Mojo Custome (11)

While the helmet on the motorcycle with the Mojo logo is still in the future, Mahindra Two-Wheelers is getting ready to offer touring accessories including saddlebags, luggage frames, tank bag and cell phone mount for the Mahinda. We understand that the luggage is made by ViaTerra, one of our favourite Indian motorcycle luggage makers.

Anodized accessories

Mahindra Mojo Custome (36)

Mahindra Mojo Custome (40)

One way for two-wheeler enthusiasts to express their passion is by individualising their bikes. Mahindra's display Mojos show off a range of anodised bits and bots for Mojo owners. The bits on display include a master cylinder cover, front fork sliders and other bits. Mahindra has not announced prices or availability of the parts but expects to have them in showrooms shortly.

Mahindra has also set the ball rolling on its owner's club, the Mojo Tribe at the 2016 Auto Expo.

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