LiveWire ONE launched in the US at 21,999 USD

Team OD Updated: July 15, 2021, 08:28 PM IST

Harley-Davidson's standalone all-electric bike brand, LiveWire, has launched its first model in the USA and it's called the LiveWire ONE. Essentially, the newly launched Livewire ONE is the same Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle that was already being sold abroad, just with a different name.

The LiveWire ONE doesn't differ much from the Harley-Davidson's older LiveWire electric model, with the only major changes being that it no longer brandishes any Harley-Davidson logos and it comes with a substantially reduced price-tag. OF course there will be some minor tweaks under the skin, but that's not going to really translate to much of a difference on the road. Earlier, when the bike sported Harley Davidson logos, the LiveWire was priced close to 30,000 USD and now that the e-bike has been rechristened the ONE, it can be had for 21,999 USD.

The LiveWire ONE is set to provide owners with the ultimate urban electric ride experience, and it does have some serious shove to it. The liquid-cooled electric motor produces 101PS and 114Nm which allows the LiveWire to boast of some exhilarating acceleration figures and a 0-100kmph that could shame some sports bikes. The ONE can even hit a claimed top speed of around 120kmph. Its 15.4kWh battery is also claimed to be capable of charging up to 80 per cent in just 40mins with DC Fast Charge.

The LiveWire ONE comes packed with tech like LED lights, a six-axis IMU, drag-torque-slip control cornering ABS, haptic feedback (which adds vibrations to enhance the ride experience), cornering traction control, Sport, Road, Range, Rain and custom ride modes along with smartphone connectivity features.

Available in two colour options – Black and White, the LiveWire ONE can be bought through the LiveWire website and twelve dealerships that will be set up in California, New York and Texas with additional locations planned by fall. The LiveWire ONE will debut at IMS North California on July 18th, 2021, with demo rides on the cards as well.

After launching in the USA, the plan is for LiveWire ONE to be available in international markets from 2022. The One is unlikely to come to India anytime soon, but if and when it does, expect it to come with a price-tag north of Rs 20Lakh.


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