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KTM unveils the fantastic 1290 Super Adventure at the Intermot 2014

Team OD  | Updated: October 02, 2014, 07:05 PM IST

KTM's 1190 Adventure is already one of the quickest motorcycles in its class but that wasn't enough for KTM. So say hello to the 1290 Super Adventure. What makes this bike so special? That would be the engine it's running - the 1301cc twin cylinder motor that powers the bonkers 1290 Super Duke R. It has however been detuned slightly and now produces 160PS instead of the 180 on the naked bike. KTM has done this in keeping with the adventure style of riding. The engine thus gets a heavier flywheel as well as new cylinder heads and a unique crankshaft. As compared with the 1190 power is up by 10PS and torque by 15Nm at a total of 140Nm. The big difference is that the power and torque are both produced significantly lower in the rev range. Where the 1190 Adventure makes its 150PS at 9500rpm the 1290 makes its peak of 160PS at 8,750rpm. The bigger bikes torque also peaks 750rpm lower, at 6,750rpm. That should translate to a considerably faster feeling motorcycle.


The 1290 Adventure benefits from a host of features that make it a fantastic touring machine. It gets a comprehensive traction control system that also features the advance Bosch ABS system with cornering sensitivity. It also gets headlamps that swivel around corners for better visibility at night. Also on the options list is the first electronic hill hold system for a motorcycle. The suspension is semi active and electronically adjustable. Keeping the rider comfortable on cold days are a heated seat and grips and an adjustable windscreen that can be positioned with just one hand. Keeping the rider going for longer distances is a larger fuel tank that now holds a whopping 30 litres. That's nearly what you get in the average small car!
Weight has gone up slightly over the 1190 Adventure but the 1290 still weighs in at a not unreasonable 129kg (with fluids but no fuel).

KTM claims that with all of its comprehensive electronics this is the safest motorcycle in the world. We can't comment on that as of now, but on paper, this is one amazing machine.


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