KTM replacing 390 primary sprocket lock plates in India: updated

Team OD Updated: June 06, 2014, 02:40 PM IST

While Bajaj is officially yet to revert to our queries, our telephone conversations with KTM dealers confirm that KTM Service in India is looking at KTM 390 Duke motorcycles manufactured before March 2014 to check the locking plate for the primary sprocket. The potential issue is that a machining error may allow the locking plate to rotate and get misaligned, allowing the sprocket to come loose. New information has come from the KTM Owners Group Hyderabad in the comments below. They say it isn't a manufacturing defect. The locking plate was designed such that the one on the 200 can be fitted either way, but the 390 can be fitted only in one direction. But service technicians were not informed and the locking plates could possibly have been installed incorrectly during routine service which could mean that the front sprocket can come loose as a result. The new locking plate design can be fitted in either direction and should solve the issue.

Bajaj did tell us that this is a potential issue they've identified but have not received any reports of an incident when we spoke to them two days ago. 390 Dukes manufactured after March 2014 have a new locking plate which eliminates this issue.

The KTM 390 is extremely familiar to look at but a much faster, thrilling rideThe KTM 390 is extremely familiar to look at but allows for a much faster, thrilling ride

If you have a KTM 390 Duke from before March 2014 then you should take the motorcycle to a KTM Service dealership for inspection. We understand that not all machines require anything more than an inspection. If the inspection reveals an issue, KTM Service will fix or replace the plate without any charges. The potential hazard of a sprocket coming loose is pretty serious so we would suggest you spend this half an hour at KTM Service as early as possible.

As we have noted, we still have not received the official word on this from Bajaj or KTM Service and we will update this story when new or additional information comes our way.

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