Koenigsegg Gemera is here in production form and 2 powertrain options

Kenneth John Published: July 12, 2023, 10:45 AM IST

More than three years after the car's original unveiling, Koenigsegg has provided further details about the production version of its first four-seater, the Gemera. The four-seater "megacar" debuts with two hybrid powertrains and a slew of novel features to match its lofty performance goals.

The Gemera was meant to feature a single drivetrain option: a 600PS three-cylinder combined with three electric motors for a total output of 1700PS. Koenigsegg replaced the three e-motors with a new, single electric motor known as Dark Matter. It's a six-phase motor with 800 horsepower and 1,250 Nm of torque on its own.

The Gemera produces 1400PS and 1,850 Nm of torque when combined with the Tiny Friendly Giant inline-three. The nine-speed, seven-clutch Light Speed Transmission (LST) featured in the Jesko sends power to all four wheels.

Buyers may also substitute the Jesko's 1500PS twin-turbo V-8 for the 600PS three-cylinder. When paired with the Dark Matter e-motor, overall power rises to a mind-boggling 2331PS and 2,750 Nm of torque on E85 gasoline, which Koenigsegg claims are new production car records.

Obviously, with so much power available, the Gemera HV8 drives all four wheels and employs torque vectoring to guarantee that power is distributed evenly across all four wheels. Unfortunately, its performance stats and timings have not yet been released. But we expect a few records to be broken when this one hits the streets.

Koenigsegg first announced the Gemera in March 2020, but manufacturing won't begin until the end of 2024, with deliveries slated for early 2025. So, if you have a reservation space, be prepared to wait a few years until your automobile arrives. Something tells us that the wait will be worthwhile.

Christian von Koenigsegg said "We are thrilled to inaugurate the Gripen Atelier and announce the launch of the Client Specification Gemera, a truly groundbreaking Megacar. Boasting numerous exciting updates and enhancements over the pre-series versions, the Client Specification Gemera sets new benchmarks for the industry"

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