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Intents Mobi app is helping truckers map services along India's road network, while getting paid for it

Team OD  | Updated: May 29, 2020, 05:59 PM IST

Intents Mobi, a company based between Gurgaon/Coimbatore, has created an app by the same name which is already helping India's truckers on the ground level navigate the challenges thrown up by the pandemic. Developed as a crowd-sourced initiative with several vernacular languages offered, the app also collates information published by various government portals which would otherwise be cumbersome for truckers to navigate to. The developers are also privy to this data shared on various trucker/association's WhatsApp groups to help one another, and offers truckers the same information on a common platform, no matter the geographies/languages involved.

With it, truckers can map restaurants (or dhabas), mechanic workshops, fuel stations, rest areas, police check posts and more to help plan their journey by road as they work to keep the logistics network running. Additionally, contributors are given monetary payouts for marking these points of interest, with payouts ranging from Rs 5-50, going directly to the contributor's PayTM accounts safely. Currently, the company itself is bearing the cost of these payouts, which are reportedly helping offset some of the trucker's costs on the road.

The Intents Mobi team was originally developing the app with the primary objective of mapping out speedbreakers, road conditions, traffic conditions and the like when the lockdown was implemented. This led to a temporary objective of helping India's logistics network, and we're told the software has been developed keeping in mind the various stakeholders in the industry, from drivers to fleet owners, transporters and industry associations.

You can get in touch with the Intents Mobi team via e-mail ( if you've an idea, or want to help.


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