Image gallery: Shaken and stirred May 2016

Team OD Updated: July 11, 2016, 11:37 AM IST

Our team is made of passion-driven and creative individuals - all immersed in cars and motorcycles, as you might imagine. Wait a minute though! We don't have a normal working environment. The team antics and our making of story is Shaken & Stirred - the very last page in our print edition. It, however, as our readers say, is the first page to be read when the magazine arrives. Don't believe us? Scroll down to see what we are talking about.

Shaken & Stirred (2)So self assured, he first thought the bike was engineered back to front!

Shaken & Stirred (1)Ashok and Dani Pedrosa's two-man tent is here!

Shaken & Stirred (3)Ashok doesn't just need first-aid. They all need help.

Shaken May 2016 (3)Mody's a dhol maestro and practices wherever he can

Shaken May 2016 (2)Sometimes you just need reorientation

Shaken May 2016 (9)The Himalayan was made to climb mountains. This is hard for Mody to understand

Shaken May 2016 (7)Shumi's jokes make animals curl up too!

Shaken May 2016 (8)As mature readers, we thought you'd appreciate a naughty picture

Shaken May 2016 (6)Shumi, hold on to that thought!

Shaken May 2016 (5)The pen pals ?nally met and took a selfie

Shaken May 2016 (4)Superman attacks but Batman's got a seat of the pants defence ready!


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