First Ola Electric car to debut by mid-2024 with 500km range, sub 4s 0 to 100 kmph time

Tuhin Guha Updated: August 30, 2022, 04:16 PM IST

Ola Electric today laid down its electric car plans alongside a new variant of the Ola S1 scooter and expansion plans for its future factory. The first Ola Electric car is seemingly a high-performance EV four-door coupe which will debut by the summer of 2024 and will be the first of six electric cars built on two platforms.

Ola Electric car specifications, features, range

While only renderings of the Ola Electric car have been shown, Ola Electric has revealed some broad details about its first electric car. The Ola Electric car will not be a bare-bones mass-market offering, focusing on high levels of performance and technology. The company says the EV will have a 0 to 100 kmph time of under 4 seconds while still having a 500 km range. The car will have a low 0.21 drag coefficient and come with an all-glass roof.

ola electric car teaser exterior side profile

There will also be a strong focus on technology. The Move OS will make an appearance in the Ola car too with its music, navigation and connected car features. There will be a full suite of ADAS features and hands-free entry and go.

Ola Electric car styling, interiors

If it wasn't clear from the details, the Ola Electric car seems to be influenced by the Tesla Model 3. There seems to be some similarities in the general look of the car too with a heavily aero-influenced bodywork with the soft curves and smooth surfaces. The front and rear fascia seem quite different with a full-width blade-light LED light signature in the front with an illuminated Ola logo. A similar LED graphic is repeated at the rear but without the full-width signature where there is a distinct coupe roofline with a short boot. There also seems to be large, wide tyres and a sporty rear bumper in gloss black.

A short clip of the interior suggests that minimalistic layout with a large landscape-oriented screen in an all-black cabin. This will be to interact with the MoveOS as well as control most amenities expected in a modern car. There should be the typical traits of a fully BEV architecture with large open footwells and good interior space with dual-tone upholstery.

ola electric car teaser exterior lighting

Ola Electric car production, Futurefactory expansion

Ola Electric also announced it will expand its Futurefactory project to include an even larger two-wheeler production plant, a Gigafactory and a four-wheeler plant. This facility will produce one million cars, 10 million two-wheelers and 100 GWh of battery cells. The cells for the Ola car should probably we produced inhouse since Ola has set up a new battery research and development centre that will soon supply cells for its scooters.

ola electric car teaser exterior rear

Ola Electric car launch date, expected price

The Ola Electric car is set to debut in India by the middle of 2024. Deliveries should begin post that in the same year. While there has been no information on pricing, Ola is looking to undercut global EVs with its offering, so expect to see a price between Rs 40 to 50 lakh.

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