Product review: Alpinestars Track Vest 2

Rishaad Mody Updated: April 05, 2017, 05:01 PM IST

If you spend a fair amount of time at the racetrack, you'll have noticed quite a few people wear stand-alone back protectors under their leather suits. Leather works brilliantly at protecting you from abrasion, but unless you have a top-level suit, you're going to want to add some impact protection. You have two general options here - one is the tradition back protector that fits with waist and shoulder straps and there are a number of choices in this category. However, you can also go for a purpose-built vest which has an incorporated back protector, but offers the option of adding chest protection as well.

Alpinestars Track Vest 2 (1)

The Track Vest 2 is the latest version of Alpinestars' armoured vest. The entire garment is constructed out of a light, stretchable but durable-feeling mesh material that incorporates a non-removable back protector. The back protector is a vented, Nucleon KR-2i-style CE Level-II soft back protector but with a hard plastic top layer providing extra protection. Over at the front are two pockets holding thick foam pads that can be swapped out for KR-Ci CE Level-I (Rs 2,499) chest protectors. The vest is secured via a thick, height-adjustable kidney belt. Additional comfort and (minor) protection come from thin foam pads baked into the shoulders, kidney area and hip areas of the vest.

Alpinestars Track Vest 2 (2)

Fit is true to the Alpinestars size-chart and the stretchable mesh material means that it should work over a fairly wide range of body shapes and sizes. I'm happy with the snug fit and the way it disappears from the mind under a race suit. There's no discomfort, allowing you to focus on consistently churning out those fast laps. You can wear the Track Vest under a street jacket as well, but I found it gets quite hot and it's better to have a separate back protector that fits into your jacket.
I picked up the Track Vest for a little over Rs 12,000 in Spain, but you can also order it at Planet DSG.

Price of each individual riding gear

Vest Rs 16,999
Chest Protectors Rs 2,499

Image credit: Donald D'Souza


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