Milex | Mph: The future of a sustainable and efficient automobile industry

Brand Feature Published: September 13, 2023, 04:31 PM IST

Rising concern for CO2 emissions, climate change and increased greenhouse gases are the major factors that drive the need for sustainability and climate neutrality in the automobile industry.  Achieving this goal through reduced carbon emissions can support a global economy with increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Diesel and gasoline consumption data for 2019 (just before the pandemic) estimated that 21 million tons of CO2 was released into the atmosphere daily. Considering these volumes, if fuel additives were used to improve combustion efficiency by achieving an average fuel economy of 5%; we would reduce 1.07 million tons of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere daily.

As more fuel is consumed, more combustion gases, including CO2, are emitted in the atmosphere. This is now a key concern due to its significant greenhouse effect that results in increased global warming.

Why do we need fuel additives?

Performance additives for fuels are a proven solution for the global goal of reducing carbon emissions and achieving sustainability for our future energy demand.

Milex | Mph: A pioneer in fuel efficiency

To help the world achieve its sustainability goals, Milex | Mph has introduced a novel additive technology that improves the combustion of liquid fuels used in internal combustion engines.

The 'combustion improver' approach from Milex | Mph offers the industry a truly novel route to immediately increase fuel economy and reduce engine-out emissions without compromising on performance and driver experience. This is rapidly becoming the technology of choice as more fuel retailers, fuel blenders and customers adopt the approach.

The reason is simple - it delivers real life improvements in both, environmental and economic factors by generating significant fuel savings, reduction in emissions and improved sustainability.

How does Milex | Mph help in achieving sustainability goals?

Milex | Mph provides an intelligent distribution of oxygen during the combustion process, thus maximizing fuel efficiency and minimizing emissions.

Detergent components act by cleaning and preventing the accumulation of carbon deposits on or within injection systems, engine combustion chambers and other engine components. After this, friction modifiers reduce friction and prevent wear on piston rings and pistons, thus maintaining engine design efficiency.

It's straightforward. More energy is released, thus resulting in greater efficiency and lower fuel consumption. As a direct consequence, by reducing the amount of fuel needed to perform a given task, we achieve lower levels of CO2, CO, and soot emissions.

The result

Milex | Mph - The Fuel for Your Fuel: 10% Extra Mileage Guaranteed

The unique combination of components used in Milex | Mph's fuel additive technology results in the reduction of fuel consumption by a guaranteed 10% in both bench and real-life applications.

Milex | Mph fuel additives are proven technologies to support immediate fuel efficiency maximization, not only making this a ground-breaking fuel additive, but also the technology of choice for retailers and end-use customers across Asia Pacific (majorly India), Latin America and Europe.


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