How to maintain your car paint: Five points to remember

Team OD  | Updated: April 16, 2020, 03:16 PM IST

You know what is a head turner? A bright and shiny car that passes by. A good looking car always grabs attention regardless of the colour, model, design and type. And it is very easy to make your car attractive, simply just take care of it. The first thing noticed is the paint job, only selected few get to step inside, right? So here are a few tips to make your car shine bright.

Collateral damage
Consider your car's paint job as your self-respect, anything over it is just non-negotiable. Bird droppings, dust, insect remains, foot prints of animals or anything that I may have missed, the longer it stays, the longer it takes to treat it and it may damage the paint job in a permanent way. The best way to go about this is to find a shed for your car. And if that is not possible, then make sure that your car is not parked under a tree or electrical wires.

Ignorance is a bliss, not!
By far the most common error is to ignore the car. People who love their vehicles wash it at regular intervals. But, if you leave your car unattended, then combined with the above mentioned point, you can kiss your car's shiny paint job goodbye. It is always said that too much may be bad, not in case of a car wash. Frequent car wash won't harm as long as you adhere a few rules.

Be gentle, be soft.
The idea is to clean the car, not to scratch the surface in enthusiasm. You have to be very careful of the material you are using or the car wash place is using. Check on the equipment, brushes and cloth material of the service provider. It has to be clean and soft. After the wash you should wax the car. It creates a protective membrane on the top coat of the car. And it should be done at regular intervals. There is a thumb rule way to check it. Pour a few droplets of water on the hood of the car, as long as it trickles down without any disruption, you are good to go.

Old fashioned
The best way to clean your car is by hand, it is classic and will also get you brownie points as a person who has compassion for his belongings. Few things to be kept in mind, soft and clean sponges, brushes, cloth along with mild cleaning agents that have a low pH value. Also, the water pressure is very important. Keep your distance, if the pressure is too much then it will damage the paint job too. A simple process to check will be to point the nozzle at your hand first, if it hurts you then it may damage the car's paint job as well. You might not want to take those chances.

Back on the road
When you are done with all the above said, you will be ready to go back on the road and make an impression. But, the job is not done yet. After every drive, especially highway and long tours, you must observe the surface of the car carefully. The bonnet of the car must be paid exclusive attention, many insects get stuck on the grille or the windshield. A keen eye on the car's surface will go long way to maintain the shiny and bright texture of the paint job. And after the regular city drives, a quick glance at your car's surface before you head back home will help you notice anything that requires your attention. Drive safe and look good while doing it.


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