Discovering hang-outs in Pune with the Tata Tiago

Brand Feature Updated: September 01, 2016, 02:38 PM IST

Every major city in the country has got those few places where the younger generation likes to hang out every day – a cool place to relax, meet friends and most importantly have some delicious food. We set out to fi nd these places in each of these cities, and which better car to do so than in the Tata Tiago.

It's new, trending, vibrant and most of all very appealing to the youth of the country. The first city on our list was Pune in Maharashtra, where we found the top five places you should visit not just for the food but also for the ambience and the vibe.

Vohuman Cafe

This was the first place we visited in Pune. Located less than a kilometre from the Pune Junction railway station, this cafe has been the favourite for Punekars for nearly 40 years and is well-known for its cheese omelette, bun-maska and of course, the chai.

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Hormaz Irani, the cheerful owner, still sits behind the counter with his watchful eyes, while his son, Sarosh Irani, ensures that things run like clockwork. By the time we got there, the place was crowded and parking was scarce. However, finding a spot for the Tiago was easy as pie, thanks to its ideal dimensions.

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ABC Farms
There's nothing better than a good brunch to complete a Sunday morning. So we headed to the ABC farms which is located in one of the hippest parts of Pune – Koregaon Park. It houses a couple of restaurants that offer a diverse cuisine.

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Some of these places include the Shisha Cafe, Po-pazzo, Arc Asia, the Basil deck and Habibi. Right next door is a place called Burger, previously called Burger King. It is a great spot to hang out, thanks to the delicious and large burgers at very reasonable rates. The place is always buzzing with the young college crowd. When we drove in, everyone's attention was diverted to the Tiago's striking Impact Design.

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Blue Nile Restaurant
Located next to the Nucleus Mall on Sadhu Vaswani Road, the Blue Nile Restaurant is a must stop for some delicious Irani lunch. The restaurant is known especially for its biryani, tandoori chicken and sheek kebabs. The rich flavours in the food had us craving for more than we could eat, and we ended up packing up half the food. Besides, with the 22 storage spaces available in the Tiago, there was plenty of space to safely store the food for later.

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The entire restaurant has a very posh and old-school appeal that makes it feel rather special. As we pulled out of the parking lot, we couldn't help but notice how well the Tiago fit into this atmosphere with its elegant design cues and premium build quality.

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Kawre Ice Creams
There's nothing better than some delicious ice cream to help digest a heavy lunch. And there's no better place to get this than the renowned Kawre Ice Creams. It's been in business since 1952. It is not only known for its creamy ice creams but also for the delicious mastanis, milkshakes and sundaes.

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There are a couple of branches spread out across the city, but the oldest one is located in the hustle and bustle of old Pune. Driving through the narrow lanes can be a nerve-wracking, unless of course you're in the Tiago. With its tight turning radius and light steering, it made driving here as easy as pie.

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German Bakery Wunderbar
This spot is one of the coolest places to eat at in Pune. It is full of hip youngsters looking for a great place to hang out with their friends after a long week. The food is absolutely delicious, and the rich chicken stroganoff and thin-crust bacon-marmalade pizza can't be missed.

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If you enjoy the pleasant Pune weather, you could sit out in the wide covered courtyard. If you prefer the comfort of air conditioning, there is plenty of space inside too. Like the Tiago, this place is designed to appeal especially to the coolest and youngest crowds.

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Cad (M) Cad (B)
From what we heard, this is the best place to get the perfect cold beverage. But locating a branch was rather difficult, and we had to drive to all around the city to find one. Normally, fuel consumption would have been a concern.

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But with an efficiency of 23.84kmpl, we were more than happy to roam around the town. Finally, thanks to the fabulous turn-by-turn navigation app in the ConnectNext infotainment system, we reached our destination. Cad (M) Cad (B) is famous for its chocolate-based food. A local favourite is the Cad B chocolate shake. It is technically a thick chocolate milkshake topped off with smooth chocolate sprinkles.

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