C'est Francaise C'est Citroen - Why You Need The French Beauty Citroen C5 SUV In Your Life

Brand Feature Updated: August 28, 2021, 11:01 AM IST

When it comes to all things beautiful, you can count on the to deliver. Whether it's the sublime of Claude Monet and Henri Matisse or the movies of Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut or the automobiles manufactured by century-old Citroën, you can find beauty and wonder in all of them if you care to look.

Which is exactly what we did as we looked into Citroën's latest Aircross C5 SUV that launched in India. We came away bowled not just by its beauty and features but also how convenient it is to buy one with the click of a few buttons. Here's why you need to be excited about the C5 SUV too.

On Indian Roads, France Takes Over Germany –

Before the launch of Citroën, the only other automobile company in the country was Renault. But their product offerings didn't exactly reach luxury levels. They were designed for the common consumer who factored in convenience over luxury when it came to buying their .

Indeed, it was manufacturers like Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz that have ruled the luxury space in India with their varied offerings. All of these big names would need to sit up and take notice of the breezy new entrant that promises to shake things up in the Indian luxury segment.

Started by André Citroën in 1919, Citroën has a legacy of producing over 300 models in its 100-plus years of existence, some of which have attained iconic status among motor lovers. Whether it's the legacy 2CV model, the B10 that was the first with an all-steel body or the B14 and B15 that were the first mass-produced cars with luxury features.

Citroën continues its 100-year plus legacy as it arrives on Indian shored with the same commitment to luxury and performance with the C5 Aircross SUV.

What Makes The Citroën Special?

There's no denying the sheer good looks and sturdy body of the C5 SUV. The C5 Aircross SUV features the unmistakable double chevron design and powerful curved side panels at the front. The 360°glazed surfaces are highlighted by a dynamic chromed 'C' motif. The rear lights feature four rectangular 3D LED modules, which emphasise the vehicle's broad stance.

Inside, the double-laminated front windows and acoustic windshield glass keeps wind and noise to the bare minimum so you can enjoy your drive. The on-board Air Quality System (AQS) is equipped to detect environmental pollution and automatically filters and purifies the air entering and circulating through the cabin keeping you refreshed at all times with clean air. It's also the perfect way to experience comfort at your fingertips, the very message that Citroën wants to impart to its customers.

But the big USP of the C5 Aircross SUV has to be the Progressive Hydraulic Cushions suspension system that excels at eliminating jolts from the , which is transferred into the body when a shock absorber rebounds. Citroën's suspension, in fact, powers top  models used by Rolls-Royce and Maserati and Indian customers have a chance to try Citroën's new suspension system for the first time with the C5 Aircross SUV, a feature dubbed as "flying carpet" effect for the sheer ease of driving pleasure it gives on uneven roads. This is something that you would be hard-pressed to find in similar models.

Finally, what seals the deal is the largest in-class boot space of 1630L once the modular rear seats are folded away. Even without it, the boot space on the C5 is a generous 580L for you to carry almost anything you need whilst driving across the city.

With all of these features, it's easy to believe that the SUV in the C5 Aircross is an acronym for Smooth Unique Vehicle.

Buy Today For Your Future -

Here's where the C5 blazes all the way through. With the Citroën Future Sure programme, you can rest assured about maintenance, payment costs and an assured future value on your purchase. With a simple monthly payment plan, you get access to routine maintenance, extended warranty, roadside assistance, on - finance and assured future value.

You can choose to be a part of the programme between one to five years at the end of which you can enjoy your assured future return while returning your C5 Aircross SUV or simply pay the remaining amount and retain your SUV or you could even switch to another Citroën luxury vehicle that you might be eyeing. The choice is yours to make.

Did we mention that you don't need to visit the showroom to get your C5 Aircross SUV delivered to you? You can join the Citroën Future Sure programme or choose from any of the other attractive payment plans on offer by dialing the Citroën Customer Experience Centre at 1800 267 1000 or by visiting their website here.

While -model cars might have curried favour so far when it comes to luxury vehicles, the has now widened to include the chic and stylish Citroën. And like all things , this one's beauty and capability will be hard to resist.