Best riding roads: Riding in Split, Croatia

Shubhabrata Marmar  | Updated: May 11, 2018, 04:09 PM IST

This is a brilliant 280km loop that the Harley-Davidson Ride Ride Slide recce team found. With almost no major highway time involved, you get on to smaller roads rapidly and stay there. The beauty of Croatia is that you start on the coast, at Split, Croatia's second largest city. And it's literally sitting on a shelf that drops into the ocean. And on the other side of this shelf are mountains. Lots of them. This loop curves almost endlessly through the mountains before looping back towards Split via Sibenik, the heritage town.

We were warned to keep our eyes on the road and I think you should be warned of this too. Because this road is breathtakingly pretty and there are sections where it is impossible not to swivel your head round and round looking at lakes that look like glass, impossibly green mountains and scenery that looks so awesome that you want to stop riding. And then look back at the road, see the shapes it makes want to ride on too. This is especially true of the run towards Vrlika where you run parallel to Peruca Lake which is stunning.

Croatia's main highways are excellent and the B-roads are in very good shape for the most part. We are told that the road deteriorates as you go further into the interior. Croatia's other charm is that they still use their local currency, the Kuna. The Kuna is a cheap conversion - Rs 11 to 1 KN and more importantly, while you can enter with a European Schengen visa, the country is generally not expensive like Europe. And of course, if you follow Game Of Thrones, this loop is 200km roughly from Dubrovnik, aka King's Landing.

More images from our ride in Croatia:


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