A Younique bigbike for a Younique you

Brand Feature Published: February 18, 2022, 03:36 PM IST

When you step out in the city for a spin, you deserve a bike that matches your personality and is as Younique as your moves. Hitting the roads soon is Honda's new CB300R, a Neo Sports Café marvel, that not only complements your riding but also introduces a modern twist to the café-racer style.

Honda CB 300R

The latest bold iteration comes with Brushed Alloy Radiator shrouds and Golden upside-down forks complementing the Blacked-out 300cc engine, which offers a fresh, contemporary take on this sturdy street bike. It's no surprise it works extraordinarily well in real road-riding conditions, providing plenty of power whether you want to hit your favorite café in the city with friends or take a long weekend ride out on the highway.

The bike comes loaded with a full LCD display, that has new indicators for gear position, gear change warning, and a Side Stand with Engine Inhibitor. The Assist & Slipper clutch in this naked motorcycle helps you shift seamlessly to ensure less fatigue and more comfort during frequent gear-shifting situations. Further enhancing the rider's confidence during precision braking conditions is CB300R's first-in-class 'Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) system' in its Dual Channel ABS.

Designed sharply in all corners, its distinct Round-shaped LED headlamps offer unique lighting for better visibility during every ride. Parallelly, the newly designed muffler finished in a new brushed copper colour is reproduced from Honda's Big-Bike DNA, offering a very premium appeal to its distinctive road-presence. Overall, the CB300R is tuned for a perfect combination of handling, power, and athletic comfort that delivers a performance you can see.

Augmenting the aesthetics further, CB300R is available in two stunning colours Matte Steel Black & Pearl Spartan Red bike for you to choose from. Now let them envy your Younique moves as you zoom out in style on the new CB300R and take over the town!!