2018 BMW G 310 R: Likes and dislikes

Rishabh Bhaskar Updated: December 26, 2018, 03:58 PM IST

The BMW G 310 R is a very well made street motorcycle that we love for the way it feels to ride. It may seem pricey to some, but there's no escaping that as a brand, BMW is expected to charge a premium for it. There are a number of pluses and a few negatives about the G 310 R that we've listed here after a comprehensive road test. Read on what makes the G 310 R fit for the venerable BMW badge



The G 310 R was conceptualised as a beginner level, street fighter motorcycle. Which means that the size and proportions are suited to young riders, mostly teeneagers who've just stepped into the world of motorcycles. And, to that effect, the G 310 R is styled suitably. Our favourite is the large, chiseled tank, windmill blade style alloys, fat, 41mm gold fork tubes and the tank shrouds that cover the engine head. It's a nice amalgamation of form and function which also translates to a coherent design.

Fit and finish

The G 310 R wears a BMW badge, so as expected, the levels of fit and finish are remarkably good. The way the panels are screwed together speaks volumes of BMW's standards while the paint job is immaculate. The materials used seems to have been taken off the parts bin of a bike from a segment or two above. Yes, it really is that good


The rider's triangle is that of a focused yet comfortable street bike. We particularly loved the seat and the way it's contoured, resulting in a comfortable yet focused riding position. This, of course is aided by the knee recesses and the wide handlebar.


There's a positive and negative to the engine, but since this section is all about the good bits, I'll stick to the positives about the engine. What you'll instantly love about this liquid-cooled, single cylinder engine is its tractability. You can potter around town at low speeds in high gears without straining the engine which makes life easy in the city. Out on the highway, the engine is calm around the 100-110kmph mark, but beyond that, it sounds busy.


BMW has really hit the spot when it comes to suspension setup. There's a fine balance between ride comfort and handling, that the German manufacturer has struck and kudos to the team for that. So, in the real world, the suspension absorbs most of the bumps and undulations with ease and when the corners arrive, the G 310 R is no bucking bronco.


This is one stellar attribute that makes you lean towards the G 310 R instantly. The chassis is terrific, offering crisp feedback which allows you to push harder in the corners. The short wheelbase also endows the bike the with easy flickability, making filtering through traffic a cinch.


The G 310 R's front brake offers good stopping power and the feedback through the lever is precise.



The tiny headlamp may have been designed to keep the look proportionate but it results in less than adequate beam throw and spread.


Okay, you come to terms with the fact that a single cylinder engine will be naturally vibey and upto a certain point, these are not bothersome. That said, it's only past 120lmph when the buzz becomes a lot more apparent

Lack of top end grunt

The motor begins to lose steam post 130kmph and considering the head on wind, which adds to resistance, the G 310 R is out of breath at 140kmph. So, if your highway pace is generally north of 110kmph, the engine will leave you wanting for more.

Images by Anis Shaikh

Price (Ex-Delhi)
Starts Rs 2,45,000
Max Power(ps)
Max Torque(Nm)
30.03 Kmpl

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