Exclusive: Yamaha R25 concept breaks cover at Tokyo Motor Show 2013

Team OD Updated: November 20, 2013, 02:05 PM IST

The Yamaha R25 concept has just broken cover at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. The bike takes after the same mental space as the focused R1, and R6 high performance, track focused machines and even the MotoGp spec M1. What this means is that this will be a no compromise super sport bike in nature. The engine is therefore a 250cc parallel twin cylinder unit in keeping with the sporting theme but Yamaha isn't quoting any power figures just yet. This is of course in the concept stage and Yamaha says that switching engines for the production machine however isn't a difficult task because this is, after all a concept. The frame is all new as well and features tubular elements rather than the R15 style steel spars. The overall look is very neat.

Unedited Yamaha R25 image

Again, considering that this is a concept, a lot of details in the pictures like the light rear sets and stunning primary drive cover will not make production. Also not making production is the giant race style air intake in the fairing. Instead the bike will get twin Yamaha style headlamps and perhaps a small air intake. The meters are simple analogue-digital units. The rear sports a simple LED tail lamp but this is clearly a concept detail. It does however remind of the old R1. Also interesting are the body lines. It is very clearly a Yamaha and there is quite a lot of similarity in the line to the R15 v2 in the way the vents on the fairing are articulated.

We expect to see the bike go on sale in India in the festive season of 2014, or about a year from now. Unless Yamaha are building a separate engine for emerging markets, something simpler and less expensive to build. In that case it might take longer.

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