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Coronavirus impact: Kia launches the 'Kia Care' initiative

Team OD  | Updated: May 23, 2020, 06:37 PM IST

Kia has launched the 'Kia Care' initiative across its 192 customer touchpoints, the initiative covers free vehicle sanitisation for a limited period of time on a first-come-first-serve basis. The initiative focuses on curbing the spread of the Coronavirus while work resumes in the post lockdown world. The brand has also announced that it has extended the free service facility under the protection policy to keep customers at ease during these unprecedented times. The company has also introduced a three-step sanitisation protocol that includes all the service centres, customers, dealers and vehicles.

The first step includes a vehicle hygiene program that covers a thorough exterior wash and then an interior wash that focuses more on the parts of the car that are frequently touched, this includes the door handles, steering wheel, gear knob, handbrake, glove box, infotainment console and AC controls. The interiors are cleaned with an antimicrobial solution and then fumigated to disinfect the car of any bacteria or virus. This service will be available at all dealerships for two weeks.

The second step involves all dealerships and service centres, it requires all the customer touchpoints to maintain high standards of hygiene at all times and this goes for the customers and the employees as well. The dealerships will go through a three-step sanitisation process on a regular basis and all customers and employees will go through a routine temperature check. Sanitisers will be accessible at all dealerships and service stations.

The third step focuses on the digital initiative taken by the company to reduce the footfall of customers at dealerships and service stations. Customers can access the workshop and dealerships without leaving the comfort of their homes. These steps ensure the safety of the employees and the customers. It also reduces the risk of contracting the virus. 


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