BMW sets up autonomous driving campus in UnterschleiBheim near Munich

Team OD Updated: April 13, 2018, 10:53 AM IST

BMW recently announced the opening of its autonomous driving campus in Unterschleißheim near Munich, Germany. This centre of excellence is spread over 23,000 square metres of office space with room for 1,800 employees. The site was chosen for its optimum infrastructure, its proximity to the company's research and innovation centre, and the nearby link to the motorway network.

BMW intends to drive forward the development of highly automated vehicles in this new campus and is looking to recruit IT specialists and software developers in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis to help achieve this. The company hopes that this facility will cover all its requirements when it comes to offering a greater capacity for innovation and increased development efficiency, with the ultimate goal being securing a sustainable future for the corporation.

The luxury car-maker is also trying out new working environments in this space. This means an open-plan layout, intelligent and flexible use of office space, and a creative workplace. The company says this will improve flexibility, efficiency, allow for a high level of autonomy and shorter distances. This philosophy is also being extended to a new employee and management culture, with managers working in the same open-plan office spaces as their staff. This will enhance interaction and facilitate communication, resulting in effective teamwork in the development of complex products, according to BMW.

BMW claims it is the first company in the car industry to apply the agile working model for an entire specialist area from the research phase all the way through to series production development.

The German company says this facility is a crucial asset for the company's long-term sustainability and capability for innovation given the disruptive changes taking place in the automotive industry, made further challenging with the arrival of new players who are creating a more competitive environment.


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