BMW S1000RR HP4 in images

Varun Anchan Updated: December 16, 2013, 04:42 PM IST

We have riden the brilliant and eye-wateringly fast BMW S1000RR HP4. But before the first ride report, here's some pictures of the stunning bike at the Madras race track.

IMG_8602BMW has applied its go-faster know-how to their S1000RR to build the HP4

IMG_8752The HP4 produces 193PS at 13,000rpm and 112Nm at 9,750rpm.

7T4G7642The launch control also inhibits wheelies and limits revs until you cross 60kmph or gain a lean angle greater than 25 degrees.

IMG_8765Clear meters have a huge role since many of the incredible array of settings are done through it.

IMG_8756The DDC or Dynamic Damping Control brings semi-active suspension to production bikes

IMG_8769All the electronics go into making the 193PS missile controllable and easy to use

IMG_8771The bike also has Race ABS - with four modes. In the normal modes, ABS activates a gentle pressure on the rear brake which BMW says makes for tremendous stability under braking while permitting ultra-short stopping distances

IMG_8577BMW have managed to shave the dry weight to 169kg, adding lightweight wheels (2.5kg saved) and a standard titanium exhaust that saves another 4.5kg

IMG_8796The HP4 is, in effect, a homologation special so that BMW can bring this computer with engine and wheels to the World Superbikes

All images shot on the Canon EOS 6D


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