BMW International GS Trophy 2018 Day 3: Image gallery

Team OD Updated: June 05, 2018, 06:15 PM IST

It's 9pm here in Mongolia and we're about to turn in to bed. Tomorrow, the first day, they've told us, will be the longest day of the GS Trophy in terms of distance. It really has everyone's guard up now. It's just sinking in for everyone at Team India that tomorrow we actually begin our adventure at the 2018 GS Trophy. But if today was anything to go by it's going to be quite the challenge. While you can read the detailed feature here, here is a detailed image gallery of Day 3 at the BMW International GS Trophy 2018.

Team India participants Suprej Venkat and Sanket Shanbhag with OVERDRIVE's Joshua Crasto

Venkat and Sanket are too quick when it comes to making local friends. And they are not just humans

Our brand new R 1200 GS motorcycles all ready to take on the terrains

Conquerors of the unexplored terrain? Team India is super positive about the BMW GS Trophy 2018

Yes, we too feel equally proud seeing our flag hoisted in a foreign country

The BMW R 1200 GS fleet is here. Choose one and go!

"That's my ride there" - Sanket, Team India at BMW International GS Trophy 2018

The vast landscapes of Mongolia is the ideal location to test the limits of the motorcycles and ours too

Somewhere in the beautiful Mongolia

"Yay! We are all ready for this epic competition". In the background is the popular statue of Gengis Khan

"Is that the right way?.. Let's ride and find out"

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