Auto Expo 2018: Hero MotoCorp Live updates

Team OD Updated: February 07, 2018, 08:13 PM IST

And finally, Auto Expo 2018 has commenced today. One of the most anticipated automobile events in the country. While you can follow all the live updates here, here is what Hero MotoCorp is showcasing today

Live Updates
Feb 07, 07:55 PM (IST)

Watch to know all about the Hero XPulse 200 from Rishabh Bhaskar at the Auto Expo 2018-

Feb 07, 07:54 PM (IST)

Hero Motors display walk around with Shumi

Feb 07, 07:47 PM (IST)

Hero Moto Corp XPulse 200 in production guise revealed

The XPulse 200 is powered by the same 200cc engine that you get in the Extreme. However, the motor in the XPulse is fuel injected and produces 18.4Nm and 17.1Nm. Fuel injection will surely help performance and while riding at high altitudes, such as in  Ladakh.

Feb 07, 11:32 AM (IST)

Take a closer look at the Hero XPulse 200

Feb 07, 11:23 AM (IST)

The bike has an under seat charger | 18.4PS, fuel injection, 14-litre fuel tank, 450km range, the engine produces 17.1Nm torque.

Feb 07, 11:20 AM (IST)

New X Pulse 200- 21-inch wheels at the front, 18 inch rear. Front suspension has 190mm travel. Gas charged monoshock at the rear. Rear suspension has 170mm travel. New steel frame and swing arm offers rigidity and durability. 220mm ground clearance. 825mm seat height. aluminium plate, full LED headlamps, Digital speedometer, Bluetooth connectivity With navigation assistant and Eco ride indicator.

Feb 07, 11:19 AM (IST)

That's the Hero XPulse 200!

<p>That&#39;s the Hero XPulse 200!</p>
Feb 07, 11:13 AM (IST)

Hero says the seat height is accessible for Indians

Feb 07, 11:12 AM (IST)

Hero says the XPulse 200 can tackle the most challenging of terrains

Feb 07, 11:11 AM (IST)

New Hero X Pulse 200 is built for those who seek an affordable adventure motorcycle

Feb 07, 11:08 AM (IST)

Hero Maestro Edge 125cc

<p>Hero Maestro Edge 125cc</p>
Feb 07, 11:08 AM (IST)

The Hero Duet 125cc

<p>The Hero Duet 125cc</p>
Feb 07, 11:07 AM (IST)

Maestro Edge gets disc brakes, Side stand indicator and external fuel filler

Feb 07, 11:07 AM (IST)

Hero Duet gets fresh styling, chrome accents and large blinkers.

Feb 07, 11:06 AM (IST)

Engine gets i3S technology, also seen on other Hero MotoCorp bikes. i3s is the Hero stop-start technology.

Feb 07, 11:05 AM (IST)

Two new 125cc Scooters will be unveiled today.The Hero Duet 125 and the Hero Maestro Edge 125. All new 125cc engine | 8.7 PS 10 Nm CVT Transmission | Max Torque at 5,000 rpm.

Feb 07, 11:01 AM (IST)

Hero MotoCorp is focusing on Scooters. Hero says 125cc scooter segment is the most stable in India.

Feb 07, 11:00 AM (IST)

We are now at the Hero MotoCorp stall at Auto Expo 2018!