Auto Budget 2015: Renault India's Sumit Sawhney comments

Team OD Published: February 28, 2015, 06:29 PM IST

"It is a well-balanced budget. It included a lot of positive measures to give impetus to infrastructure growth. Another positive was the announcement of a firm date on GST, which was a key pre-budget expectation. Although we will have to study the fine print of the budget in terms of clear programs to boost investment, manufacturing and skill development, the directional focus is in sync with the overall expectations to boost growth. Taking cue from what was shared about reform being a continuous process, we hope for ongoing measures and policies to maintain a healthy balance between interest rates, inflation and arrest the fall of the rupee, which will benefit the economy. Although the budget didn't have much for the automobile sector, we are hopeful for some pro-business policies in the near future to benefit the industry."


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