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Advertorial: Droom launches sale of new vehicles on its website

Brand Feature  | Updated: April 10, 2017, 05:16 PM IST

Droom, India's dedicated website for used car and bike sales has successfully sold more than 30,000 vehicles in just over 18 months. To step it up a notch, the website is now making an entry into the new vehicles market. With the idea of giving customers easy access to new vehicles, Droom reduces the amount of paperwork required when buying a new vehicle.

With loan approval processes generally tedious and confusing, Droom has tried to keep it short. Offering just proof of Indian citizenship, birth/age proof, an 18 months professional history and a government photo-id is all that is required to get an approval.

Droom - Launch of New Vehicles

The launch of Droom's new service will coincide with the festival season, ensuring a relatively good reaction from the public. In-case that doesn't pan out, it will also be offering the option of 50 per cent bank loan on the pre-approved value of the vehicles. In addition to other vouchers and gifts, Droom will also be offering bundles with iPhones 7s and iPads which will increase their popularity and broaden their customer base during the launch period.

Droom has already partnered with car manufacturers like Nissan and its partner brand: Datsun, Chevrolet, Skoda, Mahindra and Volkswagen. Although, at this time, all the new vehicles except Mahindra are only available in the Delhi/NCR region. While they buy and sell Mahindra vehicles on a pan-India basis. In terms of two-wheeler manufacturers, the online seller has partnered with Mahindra Two Wheelers, TVS and electric scooter manufacturer: Hero Electric.

On the announcement, Sandeep Aggarwal, founder and CEO of Droom said, "We are proud to finally be a part of the new vehicle market. Earlier we wanted to focus on the used-vehicle segment and change the way it functions through the use of digital tools. We want to now create a paradigm shift in the still conventionally-run new vehicle sector".

The new vehicles will be listed on the site with ex-showroom prices and will qualify for Droom's Orange Book Value Excellence evaluation parameters. Droom started out in April 2014, it has since become one among India's fastest growing e-commerce sites.

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