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2019 Tokyo Auto Salon: Honda Neo Classical Racer concept to be shown

Team OD  | Updated: December 21, 2018, 04:44 PM IST

Honda has previewed some of the concepts it will showcase at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon between January 11 and 13. These are all based on cars from its line up but have been treated to a significant dose of wackiness. There's everything from the Civic and the Step Wgn mimi-MPv but one of the mosr notable ones is the Honda Neo Classic Racer concept.

This retro-themed coupe is based on the Japanese market Honda S660 coupe. Notable touches are the fender mounted rear-view mirrors, the bonnet-straps and the grey moulding on the grille and headlamps. The rear also gets those simple two-part taillamps and the sloping roofline. The overall design is also reminiscent of sports coupe's from the 1960s, specifically the Honda S600, and gets the flowing, rounded shape of that car.

There is no word on the Neo Classic Racer figures but the standard S660 on which this is based is built according to the Japanese kei car regulations. Kei cars cannot be longer than 3.4m or wider than 1.4m and can be powered by a three-cylinder motor no larger than 660cc. The Honda S660's motor is turbocharged and puts out 64PS and 104 Nm. Top speed is 140 kmph.

This retro-themed coupe is based on the Japanese market Honda S660 coupe

The Honda Neo Classic Racer concept is only a design study and unlikely to ever make it to production. But it is a great reminder of the Japanese brand's back catalogue of impressive driver's cars and also shows that the brand is definitely rediscovering some of those skills.


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