2015 Tata T1 Prima Truck Racing Season 2: Image gallery

Team OD Updated: March 30, 2015, 03:36 PM IST

The second season of the T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship was a thrilling affair, with some edge of the seat racing from the drivers. There were six teams in all, fielding two trucks each. The Buddh International Circuit seemed to be a favourite with Team Castrol Vecton Driver, Stuart Oliver who won his second consecutive championship this year. It was no a walk in the park though as he battled hard with his adversaries - Steve Thomas of Team Allied Partners in particular. The trucks bore many a bruise and scrape at the end of the race but all the contact driving was well within the realms of safety. Looking at the enthusiasm of the crowd, truck racing in India is sure to stay.

Scroll down for images from the exciting race. And don't forget to pick up the April 2015 issue of OVERDRIVE for a detailed report.

T1 PrimaThe trucks are flagged off before the qualifying round

T1 PrimaSteve Powell (centre) has been instrumental in bringing truck racing to India. He is flanked by British Truck Racing Association (BTRA) drivers

T1 PrimaThe winner's trophy

T1 PrimaThe pit garages

T1 PrimaOlly James and Stuart Oliver from Team Castrol Vecton at the driver introduction session

T1 PrimaLarge water tanks, essential to keep the brakes cool

T1 PrimaSteve Thomas of Team Allied Partners awaits the green light to head out for the qualifying round

T1 PrimaOne of the trucks from Team Dealer Warriors slipstreams before overtaking its team-mate

T1 PrimaExtra large cricket bats to lift the tyre into position while mounting

T1 PrimaMounting a fresh set of tyres during qualifying

T1 PrimaService details of every truck in the pits

T1 PrimaThe cockpit of the T1 Prima racetruck

T1 PrimaDrivers go as wide as the outside edge of the kerb before entering C1 at the BIC

T1 PrimaTrucks are checked thoroughly before they set out

T1 PrimaThe trucks race past at over 125kmph on the BIC's start-finish straight

T1 PrimaThe T1 Prima Pace Truck in black

T1 PrimaHarley-Davidson riders parade before the start of the race. . .

T1 Prima. . . followed by the real stars of the event

T1 PrimaPeople taking selfies with the drivers were a common sight

T1 PrimaA Tata Aria was the designated Safety Car

T1 PrimaThe drivers acknowledge the cheers of the crowd

T1 PrimaThe grand stand at the Buddh International Circuit was packed to capacity

T1 PrimaBraking at over 120kmph, 50 metres before the first corner at the BIC. The steaming brakes tell the story

T1 PrimaThe pit crew works hard to fix the truck within the 45 minute window in between the super qualifier and the main race

T1 PrimaTata Motors showcased its entire commercial vehicle range

T1 PrimaThe racers line up at the start of the race

T1 PrimaThe racers barrel down the main straight into C1

T1 PrimaThe racing was thrilling and mostly side-by-side

T1 PrimaTeam Tata Technology's David jenkins' stricken truck after he crashed into the barriers

T1 PrimaA triumphant Stuart Oliver returns to the Team Castrol Vecton pit garage

T1 PrimaStuart Oliver returns to a rousing welcome from his crew members

T1 PrimaYes. Truck racing is a contact sport

T1 PrimaSteve Thomas (Team Allied Partners), Stuart Olivar (Team Castrol Vecton) and Steven Powell (Team Tata Technologies) emerged triumphant. Here they are all smiles at the winners podium