2015 Isle Of Man TT to begin from May 30, 2015

Team OD Updated: May 29, 2015, 07:17 PM IST

The Isle Of Man is set to host the most fearless men on motorcycles as the Tourist Trophy (TT) returns on May 30, 2015. Over a century in the running, the famous, 60km Snaefell mountain course is the ultimate spectacle of guts and glory.

IOMTT 2 resizedMichael Dunlop aboard the BMW S1000RR at the 2014 Isle Of Man TT

This year, multiple TT winner, John McGuinness will hop aboard a Honda CBR as he sets on his quest of raking up another TT win. McGuinness, however, will not only have to battle the treacherous course but also the winner of last years' TT , Michael Dunlop. Nephew of TT legend and 26-time winner Joey Dunlop, the 26-year old Irishman won the 2014 Senior TT aboard a BMW S1000RR. The last time a BMW won the TT was 1939 when Georg Meier won the Senior TT. This year, Michael Dunlop will ride a 2015 Yamaha R1 in the superbike class. Dunlop signed a contract with Milwaukee Yamaha after his contract with BMW Motorrad UK ended in 2014.

IOMTT 3 resizedGuy Martin congratulates John McGuinness on his 2014 TT Zero Race win

Bruce Anstey will hope to beat his 2014 record breaking feat on his Valvoline Honda CBR 1000RR. The New Zealand national set a blistering time of 17 minutes and 6.682 seconds with an average speed of 212kmph record during the 2014 Dainese TT, beating John McGuinness' 2009 record.

IOMTT 1 resizedMichael Dunlop is flanked by Bruce Anstey and William Dunlop after winning the 2014 Supersport TT Race Two

American racer, Mark Miller will ride a EBR1190RS for team Splitlath. Miller debuted back in 2006 and has never missed a TT event ever since. Regarded as the fastest American to lap the TT course, Miller will hope to put on a strong performance for the beleaguered Erik Buell Racing.

IOMTT 4 resizedMichael Dunlop with Guy Martin on the 2014 Superbike TT podium

The Isle Of Man TT is regarded as one of most challenging road racing events in the history of motorsport. No run off-area, no kerbs, no safety nets. It's just the rider and the machine. Riding on everyday streets, past houses, lamp posts and walls; arms and shoulders millimeters away from contact. It's all about precision, unflinching concentration and probably lack of fear. Riding on a narrow, seemingly endless stretch of tarmac as it snakes around the Snaefell mountain course, at speeds over 300kmph it's just bewildering to see those men disappear in a flash. The 2015 Isle Of Man TT will conclude on June 12, 2015.

Watch this space for daily reports from the Isle of Man TT.

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The schedule of the 2015 Isle Of Man is as follows:

2015 Isle of Man TT Practice and Qualifying (time in GMT)

Saturday, May 30

6:20 – 6:45pm: Solo Newcomers' Speed Controlled Lap
6:35 – 7pm: Sidecar Newcomers' Speed Controlled Lap
6:50 – 7:50pm: Lightweight TT / Newcomers (all solo classes)
7:55 – 8: 50pm: Sidecars

Monday, June 1

6:20 to 7:55pm: Superbike/Superstock/Supersport/Newcomers (except Lightweight) qualifying
8 to 8:50pm: Sidecars

Tuesday, June 2

6:20 – 7:05pm: Superbike/Superstock/Supersport/Newcomers (except Lightweight) qualifying
7:10 – 7:55pm: Supersport/Lightweight TT/ Newcomers (all Solo classes) Qualifying
8 – 8:50pm: Sidecars

Wednesday, June 3

6:20 – 7:55pm: Superbike/Superstock/Supersport/Newcomers (except Lightweight) qualifying
8 – 8:50pm: Sidecars

Thursday, June 4

6:20 – 7:05pm: Superbike/Superstock/Supersport/Newcomers (except Lightweight) Qualifying
7:10 – 7:55pm: Supersport/Lightweight TT/ Newcomers (all Solo classes) Qualifying
8 – 8:50pm: Sidecars

Friday, June 5

6:20 – 7:10pm: Sidecars
7:15 – 7:50pm: Supersport/Lightweight/Newcomers (all Solo classes)
7:55 – 8:25pm: Superbike/Superstock/Supersport/Newcomers (except Lightweight)
8:30 – 8:50pm: TT Zero Challenge

2015 Isle of Man TT Race Days Practices:

Saturday, June 7

4:05 – 4:45pm: Superstock/Supersport/Lightweight TT Qualifying
4:55pm: TT Zero Challenge Qualifying (1 lap)

Monday, June 8

12:30pm: Sidecar TT Qualifying (1 lap)
3:45pm: TT Zero Challenge Qualifying (1 lap)

Tuesday, June 9 (alternate race day)

12:30pm: Sidecar TT Qualifying (1 lap)
3:45pm: TT Zero Challenge Qualifying (1 lap)

Wednesday, June 10

3:40pm: Senior TT Qualifying (1 lap)
3:55pm: Lightweight TT Qualifying (1 lap)

Thursday, June 11 (alternate race day)

3: 50pm: Senior TT Qualifying (1 lap)
4:10pm: Lightweight TT Qualifying (1 lap)

2015 Isle of Man TT Race Days Schedules

Saturday, June 6

11am: TT Superbike Race – 6 laps
2pm: TT Sidecar Race 1 – 3 laps

Monday, June 8

10:45am: TT Supersport Race 1 – 4 laps
2pm: TT Superstock – 4 laps

Wednesday, June 10

10:45am: TT Zero Challenge – 1 lap
12:00pm: TT Supersport Race 2 – 4 laps
2:15pm: TT Sidecar Race 2 – 3 laps

Friday, June 12

10:15am: Lightweight TT Race – 3 laps
12.30pm: Senior TT Race – 6 laps

Price (Ex-Delhi)
Starts Rs 17,60,000
Max Power(ps)
Max Torque(Nm)

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