2015 Detroit Motor Show: 2016 Acura NSX breaks cover

Team OD Published: January 13, 2015, 07:12 PM IST

The highly anticipated NSX has finally been revealed, 25 years after Honda debuted the original NSX. It has been a long wait but the car that's closest to the production model has been unveiled at the Detroit Motor show. A literal step up from the 2013 NSX concept car on which it is based, the production NSX has grown taller by 0.6 inches, longer by 3.1 inches and wider by an inch over the concept.

Acura NSX (3)

Just like the first NSX, the new model too continues to challenge conventional beliefs about supercars. The hybrid supercar from Japan sports a longitudinally mounted, twin-turbo V6 engine that Acura says, makes over 550PS of power. The 9-speed dual clutch setup handling transmission duties is claimed to offer ultra quick shifts.

Three electric motors comprise the hybrid package, with each of the front wheels being driven by an electric motor, while the third motor is placed between the engine and transmission. The fossil- fueled engine powers the rear wheel. Acura terms this AWD setup as Super Handling All Wheel Drive or SH-AWD. The electric motors are also claimed to help reduce lag, the result being zero delay and instantaneous performance. The motor can also provide different levels of torque, aiding in acceleration as well as braking.

Acura NSX (2)

The body of the NSX sports numerous aero elements in the form of scoops, vents and spoilers which apart from lending  aesthetic appeal, serve the functional purpose of cooling the systems as well as creating downforce. Beneath the skin lies an ultra-rigid carbonfibre floor that helps reduce weight and at the same time handles the torsional and bending forces. The original NSX was the world's first all-aluminium supercar - the new one features a space frame design with an internal frame made of aluminium, ultra-high strength steel and advanced materials. A world first casting technology that combines aluminium and sheet moulding composite, has been used to make the body panels. This further enables reduction of weight and gives the NSX the lowest centre of gravity in its class, says Acura. The suspension too is an all-aluminium independent unit.

Stopping power is lent by Brembo carbon-ceramic discs, featuring six-pots on the front and four-pots on the rear. It also features different chassis modes - the Quiet mode lets one drive the car only on electric power while the Sport, Sport + and Track modes are for more enthusiastic and dynamic driving. In fact, the NSX's performance features like AWD and torque vectoring have been honed at some of the most challenging race circuits in the world, including the iconic Nurburgring.

Acura NSX

The interiors feature a multifunctional TFT instrumentation and aluminium inserts in the dashboard with satin finish leather on its upper end.

Acura NSX (1)

The NSX will be made at the company's new performance manufacturing centre in Ohio and sold as an Acura in the US market where it is expected to go on sale late this year. Pricing hasn't been finalised but is expected to start from $1,50,000 (Rs 95 lakh). The global model will however be branded as the Honda NSX and should roll out a little later.

Unfortunately, Acura has not revealed the specific engine output, weight or the drag coefficient. Production of the NSX begins by the end of 2015.


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