Special Feature | Exploring Five Iconic Locations with Honda WRV

Team Overdrive Updated: May 12, 2022, 10:09 AM IST

Kolkata is famous for its mouth-watering delicacies. From the plethora of preparations that you can chance upon in the City of Joy, there’s Jhalmuri - a popular street snack. This assortment of sorts is the perfect way to summarize Kolkata for it has people from diverse backgrounds bound together with a strong sense of unity and pride. Something that can be experienced unanimously anywhere and everywhere in Kolkata. In addition to that, Kolkata is also known for its iconic highlights that bring vibrance to one of the oldest metropolitan city in India. In order to experience a select few of them, we visited the joyous city. Giving us company on this trip was the Honda WR-V that has successfully found its space in the hearts of many, with its attractive design, comforting features and oodles of space for the occupants and their belongings.

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