Gender inclusion in the automobile industry with Runa Ahlawat, MG Motor India

Team Overdrive Updated: May 12, 2022, 11:06 AM IST

MG Motor India proudly recognises that having 33% women in its workforce, managing diverse roles, across the R&D and manufacturing facility at the Halol plant in Gujarat has lead to overall profitability in the business. In this special chat Runa Ahlawat, Communications Head at MG Motor India tells us how women are not only empowered by these new roles but they're also shattering age-old gender stereotypes and paving way for a more gender inclusive industry. 0:00 - Are women an underutilized resource in the automobile industry? 3:03 - Women working at automobile manufacturing plants 5:18 - India's first women painter at MG Motor India's Halol manufacturing facility 5:55 - Special skill development & training 6:48 - Women brining in a different perspective to the automobile industry 7:44 - Automobile industry becoming more gender inclusive

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