Bajaj Qute | First Drive

Team Overdrive Updated: May 14, 2022, 10:22 PM IST

The Bajaj Qute was showcased in 2012 and has been on sale since 2016. Yup, that's a fact. Not in India, though. It went on sale abroad as Bajaj locked horns with established car manufacturers over the legality of the Qute plying on Indian roads, simply because this type of a vehicle had no official classification in the market. Questions about crash worthiness were also posed and up until last year, the Qute was embroiled in bitter courtroom battles. In 2018, the road and transport ministry formally introduced the quadricycle class of vehicle in India, which means you and I can buy it and drive it on our streets. It's available for both commercial and personal use which only broadens its scope in the market. Interested? Want to know what a quadricycle is and what it is like to drive? We answer these questions.

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