It’s often said that urbanization, technological advances and closer political and geographical barriers have killed the adventure and thrill of life. It has left us doing jobs that once were done by machines. We often hear people say that, “There is no more thrill in life, and it is just one mundane daily routine that we have to go through over and over again”.

What rubbish!!!!!
There are still places left to explore. Places that will fasten your heart beat, get your adrenaline pumping and have your thoughts moving quicker. It’s all about the kind of person you are. Do you want to pack up, move out for a new journey or are you just content going through the same drill day after day? Do you want to go to a place that is new and experience something new, feelings you have never experienced before?
This is where we step in and help you craft an experience that will completely change the definition of what a road trip means to you.
‘Live Life in OVERDRIVE’ is back again and this time we plan to leave you star-struck! Come be a part of a memorable journey that will not only add bling and glitter to your life, but will also be one of your most cherished and memorable drives ever. From our humble beginnings OVERDRIVE has gained a reputation for bringing you enthralling driving experiences in some of the most exotic destinations within India. Each of these adventures is peppered liberally with challenges that test both man and machine. But here is your opportunity to be a part of these adventures and experiences; exactly what team OVERDRIVE normally does.
In this month of June come along with us to Chandra Tal on an expedition that provides participants incredible views of the night skies. View millions of stars as they unfold their secrets to you.
Accompaning you on this journey is a star in itself, a unique and highly adored three-pointed star! On this expedition participants will experience the luxury, comfort and performance quotient of the Mercedes-Benz cars. To make this drive all the more amazing we also have a stargazer who will accompany you to provide additional information on how to read the night sky and things to look out for.
For years, Mercedes-Benz has been improving the benchmarks of excellence, design and innovation to provide us with machines that truly are a work of art in itself. These cars will be at your disposal to drive and understand what makes a Mercedes-Benz a Mercedes-Benz!
The driving route will take you from Chandigarh to Manali to Chandra Tal and back. With the Ladakhi summer round the corner, you can plan a perfect escape to move away from the hustle and bustle of the city to view the ever calm and beautiful night sky up north.
As breathtaking by moonlight as it is stunning under the all-embracing sun, Chandra Tal is about 14000 ft above sea level, taking you closer to the stars! This journey will keep you intimately connected with the beauty of sky and on land.
So what are you waiting for come join us for the road trip of a lifetime.

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