We’re back at it and this time around we are giving you yet another opportunity to indulge in another creative OVERDRIVE experience. From our humble beginnings OVERDRIVE has gained a reputation for bringing you enthralling driving experiences in some of the most exotic destinations within India. Each of these adventures is peppered liberally with challenges that test both man and machine. Here is your opportunity to be a part of these adventures and experience exactly what team OVERDRIVE normally does as part of their job.
In the month of May, OVERDRIVE and Volvo Cars India will take you on an epic journey through the lower Himalayas exploring the subtlety of nature and the magnificence of the new generation of Volvo cars. Soar above where the eagles roam, as we climb new heights and find new pastures in which to graze upon.
The spectacular XC90 which was recently launched in India is already a huge success. Its a spellbinding SUV with handsome exteriors complementing a lavish interior. Comfort, luxury and performance are just everyday aspects for the XC90 but what more does it have to offer. That is something you just have to drive to discover. Then there is its younger sibling, the XC60. Another stunning example of Scandinavian design, the XC60 wows with its breadth of capability, not least of all its prowess where the air gets thin and the weather cool! And finally let's not forget the latest addition to this range of sports activity vehicles, the S60 Cross Country. We thought of surprising you with this particular vehicle, but we are in a generous mood and decided to get your blood rushing from the very onset of this drive. The S60 Cross Country is unlike anything you've ever seen, with the beauty of a sedan mated to the capabilities of a full blown, class act SUV!
Along with the OVERDRIVE team to guide you, you learn not just how content is created, but be an actual part of this content. You don't just get the opportunity to be behind the wheel, you drive the story as well! So put on your best smile, practise how to wave your hands like people in showbiz do and get on a dapper haircut, you may just find yourself on India's number one automotive show, OVERDRIVE!
Now dont be fooled, because behind all the glamour and glitz is a lot of hard work. Prepare to get dirty and smelly, toil hard and focus. Your story may just get shot down by the editor, Bertrand D'souza! So prepare for the challenge of a lifetime as we take you behind the scenes and into the hot seat in a Live Life In OVERDRIVE experience.
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