Ladakh. Khardung La. Taglang La. Such is power of these names that every year, Team OVERDRIVE is drawn like moths to the extreme North of our wonderful country. The quiet, unspoilt beauty of these places is matched only by the harsh conditions you experience and the amazing memories you return home with. That's why Live Life in OVERDRIVE, our series of events where our readers are part of the story invariably has a high altitude component that is situated in Ladakh. And now, it's your turn to live life in OVERDRIVE.

We are heading out on Mahindra Centuros for a ten day ride that will start from Chandigarh and take you through many mind-blowing places, including the famous Khardung La, before returning to Chandigarh. It's going to be quite the trip. You'll ride Mahindra's excellent Centuros on some of the toughest terrain on our Planet.

It's going to be tough. If you thought riding a small bike was not a challenge at all, wait till you see them through the OVERDRIVE filter. Where the combination of hard riding and high altitude can turn riding days into a personal challenge. We have only a few Centuros to offer so book early.

If you're up for the challenge, you'll need to bring a full set of riding gear that will work when its freezing cold and wet. But first, you'll need to sign up so that we can have a bike ready for you. The slots are limited so hurry and sign up!

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