Okinawa sets up its first state-of-the-art experience center - Okinawa Galaxy in Dehradun

Published: December 07, 2021, 09:43 AM IST

Okinawa Autotech, one of India's most disruptive and top-selling electric two-wheeler manufacturers, has launched its first ever Experience Centre, Galaxy in Dehradun - the capital of Uttarakhand. This Galaxy store is a novella of the brand Okinawa to engage its customers with the concept of Electric-2-Wheelers. At Okinawa Galaxy, customers can experience the products and the story behind its making. The futuristic tech experience center is a lively, perceptible and interactive space, where the customers get to experience the brand from its very inception.

Okinawa offers a range of low-speed and high-speed electric scooters. Price ranging from INR 61,998 to INR 82,995 for Low-Speed models including Okinawa R30, Lite and Dual and from INR 64,797 to INR 105,990 for High-Speed models including Okinawa Ridge+, Praise Pro and iPraise+.

The visitors get a chance to examine crucial components such as the battery, motor, and chassis in greater detail. In the state-of-the-art Galaxy, Okinawa also offers a customizing area where customers can opt for fascinating bespoke hand-painted scooters. The store includes dozens of Merchandise products.

Commenting on the launch of its first-ever Experience center, Mr Jeetender Sharma, MD and Founder of Okinawa Autotech said: "We are delighted to announce the opening of Okinawa Galaxy, our first-ever Experience Centre, in Uttarakhand's beautiful and scenic city Dehradun. The major goal of establishing the experience center is to create engagement by personifying Okinawa's brand experience. It will be a vibrant, palpable, and engaging environment in which we hope to improve customers' experiences with Electric Two Vehicles. This is just the beginning; we aim to go full-fledged in our growth in the coming months with the launch of many more experience centers alongside expanding our dealership network for easy access."

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Price (Ex-Delhi)
Starts Rs 44,990
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